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Item #: SCP-5049

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5049 is to be kept in a 'Rooted State' in Site-19. No entry into SCP-5049-A is to be permitted without level 4 permission or higher.

Description: SCP-5049 is an similar to an adult human heart. SCP-5049 is roughly 60% larger than the average human heart. SCP-5049 flesh is black, and it maintains a coat of viscous black fluid across it's exterior. The object palpitates at a rate of around 15 beat per minute, with each palpitation pushing a black, highly corrosive, and sticky fluid from all orifices in the object.

SCP-5049 was recovered from an archeological dig site in August of 2010 near Musha, Egypt. During an excavation at the dig site three archeologists discovered a carved stone chamber buried 20 meters underground. Upon entering the chamber through an arched doorway, they found themselves in an instance of SCP-5049-A. They left without incident, reporting this to their colleagues at a nearby university. A foundation researcher with connections at the university was told of the incident and reported it to the SCP Foundation. The archeologists who discovered SCP-5049 were amnestized, and their findings were covered up. A team of researchers was dispatched to investigate and assess the anomaly.

When SCP-5049 is in an enclosed space with a single entry point for over three hours it enters a 'Rooted State' and creates an instance of SCP-5049-A, a spatial anomaly. The room which SCP-5049 was in becomes impenetrable, and the door becomes the only access point to the space within. The interior space is larger than it appears on the outside, and any furnishings in the room prior to the creation of SCP-5049-1 are gone. The anomalous space is classified as SCP-5049-A. All inhabitants of SCP-5049-A are to be considered hostile with the exception of SCP-5049-B.

Addendum 5049.1: A search for the body of SCP-5049-B has commenced, searching databases of museums, archeological dig site catalogues, and for additional leads throughout Egypt. If no results are shown in 3 months, the search area will be expanded. In the event the body is found, Dr. Gerard has advised against it being reunited with SCP-5049.

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