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As per the Morningstar Treaty the following conditions apply: Unauthorized access of this file or any file regarding Project Morningstar will result in memetic loss of cognition and immediate disciplinary action. Dissemination of any information regarding SCP-5108 or Project Morningstar is punishable by death.



4/5108 LEVEL 4/5108
Item #: SCP-5108

Special Containment Procedures

Blood, tissue, and urine samples, as well as SCP-5108-1's brain, are kept within Biochemical Storage Locker 14 at Site-51. Samples are available to members of Project Morningstar's Research and Development Team.

SCP-5108-2 is inactive and stored at Safe Storage Warehouse 3. Detailed schematics are available upon request.

The successful disinformation campaigns in regards to Operation MKDalton and the Stargate Project are to be maintained. The CIA will declassify the Stargate Project1 as a failure, at which time Foundation assets will testify to the nature of the experiments. All information will be false; details involving Operation MKDalton or the Foundation are strictly forbidden. All records of Operation MKDalton have been confiscated and/or destroyed; only members of Project Morningstar2 know of its existence.

SCP-5108-3 is self-contained and will continue to be maintained by members of Operation MKDalton.

The actions conducted here are in violation of the Ethical Code of Conduct as laid out in the Foundation Charter, and as such the Ethics Committee has proposed termination of this project.

Regardless, this project has been designated as "Essential" according to the guidelines specified in the aforementioned Code and this project has been activated against the advisement of the Ethics Committee. Any employee not also designated as essential to the ongoing requirements of this project will be granted re-assignment upon request as stipulated in the Code.

— Dir. Jonathon DeCroix, PhD. DDiv., Ethics Committee


SCP-5108 is a collective designation for the CIA's Operation MKDalton3 and all anomalies, events, and technology derived therefrom.

SCP-5108-1 is the corpse of a Class/2 Clairvoyant humanoid which was capable of remote viewing4. SCP-5108-1 had received extensive biological and technological modifications to amplify its natural abilities and allow for integration with SCP-5108-2.


The main unit of SCP-5108-2 prior to disassembly.

SCP-5108-2 is the collective designation for the equipment used to amplify SCP-5108-1's clairvoyant abilities. Radio transmitters, an audio/video interface, an infusion pump, and a data storage unit are among the various components of SCP-5108-2, all of which were powered by a series of Tesla coils. It was capable of connecting to SCP-5108-1 through a fiberoptic port at the base of SCP-5108-1's skull as well as an Intra-arterial port in the jugular. Detailed schematics were taken of SCP-5108-2 prior to its disassembly.

SCP-5108-Ω was a psionic cognitohazard caused by over-amplification of SCP-5108's clairvoyant abilities through the use of SCP-5108-2. Targets viewed by SCP-5108-1 under these conditions would begin to experience the following symptoms:

  • Auditory and visual hallucinations
  • Pareidolia
  • False memories
  • Temporary blindness
  • Loss of speech
  • Anxiety

Of these symptoms, pareidolia and false memories are the most common. These symptoms are psionic manifestations of events and afflictions experienced by SCP-5108 during its time in Operation MKDalton.


On 1966/02/23, Foundation assets within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Illinois State Police reported an outbreak of mass hallucinations and other abnormal medical phenomena in and around Nixon, Illinois. The number of affected individuals was estimated to be approximately 5000 civilians.

The event was considered an immediate threat to normalcy and O5 Command authorized use of the recently developed CH/6077, an auditory cognitohazard capable of exerting selective retrograde amnesia of specific events. After the successful results of CH/6077, Cover Story-Z6X78 (Unknown Flu Epidemic) was enacted.

A Foundation listening post in Chicago deciphered the SCP-5108-Ω cognitohazard within a radio broadcast originating from Pattonsville, Illinois. Investigation Task Force Charlie-6 ("Brakon's Hope") examined local electric records for irregularly high power usage; this traced the broadcast to a warehouse 2 miles south of Pattonsville.

Upon arrival, the warehouse was abandoned but had shown signs of recent occupation. ITF Charlie-6 utilized tax records to trace the ownership of the warehouse to the Calnon company, a subsidiary of Valchem Technologies. Valchem Technologies was later discovered to be a black-ops front organization directed by the CIA and the Institute of Defense Analysis (IDA).

Following the Little Hill Event and before the Morningstar Treaty was enacted, the Foundation seized several CIA black sites, including Warehouse K70. SCP-5108 was among the anomalies and para-technologies found within Warehouse K70 during its acquisition on 1967/11/30.

Morningstar Treaty Clause 5108

After several exhaustive rounds of negotiations between the CIA Office of Legal Counsel and the Foundation's Department of Inter-Governmental Affairs, a draft treaty had been agreed to.

Verifying Access


Cognitive Function Detected

Operation MKDalton

Assigned Site CIA ID Readiness Dates Status
Site–51 MKDalton 1994-Present Active

Asset Summary: The following system is collectively designated SCP-5108-3.

Site-51 Medical Department staff were successful in implanting 8 D-Class subjects with sections of SCP-5108-1's brain and spinal cord (designated SCP-5108-3/A), for use in Operation MKDalton. These entities have been surgically modified for optimal performance; instances lack arms, legs, and sensory orifices8. Subjects are suspended a lithium based conductive fluid. This acts as receiver for subdermal fiberoptic nodes across the subject's brain and along its spinal cord.

The SCP-5108-3/A vats are held within an updated amplification array that was designed using the schematics of SCP-5108-2. This array uses its various psionic and biochemical components, as well as six satilites and a nuclear fusion reactor in order to amplify and project extrasensory perception. Unlike its previous iteration SCP-5108-3 is able to fully function without negative side-effects. Designed to be self sufficient, SCP-5108-3 requires limited human interaction.

Operational Capabilities: SCP-5108-3 continuously monitors a preregistered list of coordinates and records visual and audio perception into its external server. It is capable of monitoring 12 locations simultaneously and specific coordinates can be viewed via the command panel. Each viewing session is recorded as an .mp4 file and is then transcribed, archived, and forwarded to the appropriate departments.

Operation MKDalton currently has a sustained success rate of 100%.

Notice: On 1994/01/30, Operation MKDalton was re-approved with a 25 year contract. Due to moral and ethical concerns this approval was rejected by the Ethics Committee on 1994/07/12.

In a unanimous decision, O5 Command overrode the Ethics Committee's objection and proceeded to reinstate the project, citing Operation MKDalton's success rate and the overwhelming value of information gathered therefrom.

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