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Item#: 5120
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 5120 is to be kept in a high security humanoid containment unit with the following modifications:

• The cell is to be lined with hafnium carbide three inches thick
• A fire suppression system which will release Potassium Bicarbonate and drain the oxygen from the room upon activation
• Sound proofing

Since the events of Dr Cornalov one armed guard of roman catholic faith is to be stationed outside of the cell at all times armed with one Catholic rosary, one copy of the Holy bible (any version), full body clothing made from a blend of Nomex and Kevlar, a standard fire extinguisher and a Foundation issued handgun. SCP 5120 has proven mostly cooperative with foundation personnel and has willingly stayed in foundation custody since 21/09/200█.

5120 breaching containment of its cell does not constitute a breach of security nor a safety concern but security personnel should be alerted to escort SCP 5120 back to their cell immediately. Personnel that engage with SCP 5120 during these breaches will be subject to disciplinary action. Personnel are permitted to communicate with SCP 5120 in the time it takes for security personnel to arrive and will be administered a class A amnestic upon recovery.

Physical containment of SCP has been mostly successful however subject has repeatedly broke containment of its cell and as such psychological containment making use of positive reinforcement has been implemented.

As part of the psychological conditioning SCP 5120 is permitted to make requests to research personnel following good behaviour, these must be approved by a researcher assigned to SCP 5120 with level three clearance or above. To date SCP 5120 has made the following requests:

  • A selection of various clothing of non-foundation make, suitable for either sex, (approved)
  • A two-day visit to the Vatican to meet Pope ███████ ███ (rejected)
  • Communication with a catholic Cardinal (specified as 'who eva is just belaw the pope', rejected)
  • A DVD player, TV and a complete box set of the TV series ‘Lucifer’ (approved)
  • One copy of ‘The passion of the Christ’ (approved)
  • The Lance of Longinus (rejected)
  • High grade marijuana (specified as 'some kush', approved)
  • Communication with other SCP's (no preferences specified, pending approval)
  • Internet access (rejected)
  • One copy of the holy bible (approved)

If SCP 5120 breaches containment and security staff are escorting the subject back to its cell it must be secured in a class 4 Humanoid Restriction Harness.

The subject has expressed universal disgust with all food and drink provided regardless of flavouring but will consume what is provided to stave off hunger and dehydration.

Revised containment procedures: As of incident 4185-J one armed guard and one psychologist are to enter SCP 5120 's containment unit once per day to check on SCP 5120 . If SCP 5120 's emotional state returns to a stable state previous security measures are to reinstated immediately. Any personnel claiming to hear SCP 5120's cries are to report for psychological evaluation.

Description: SCP 5120 is a humanoid entity standing at 1.5 metres tall of undetermined sex which superficially resembles a demon. SCP 5120 has two horns located above each of the temples which curve around to the front of the head, dark red skin and two translucent bat like wings emerging from the upper back. These wings can fluctuate in size based on SCP 5120’s desire and have been recorded measuring from one foot in length to two meters. From the medical tests performed on SCP 5120 and making use of genealogical records possible biological relations have been found in [DATA REDACTED], this areas dialect corresponds to SPC 5120’s own accent, however SPC 5120 has refused to comment on this. Monitoring of these possible relations is ongoing.

5120 was discovered outside site ██ by security personnel on 20/09/200█ after on site seismic detectors recorded small disturbances in the earth. The subject was found sitting in the sand and viewing the surrounding environment and laughing hysterically. As security personal apprehended the subject and brought it into site ██ the subjects mood changed to resignation. When questioned about its presence in the area and the rapid shift in emotion the subject claims [DATA REDACTED].

SCP 5120 refers to itself as Yav and is generally friendly and polite to foundation personnel. SCP 5120’s behaviour patterns typically involve socialising with foundation personnel. SCP 5120 has shown a keen interest in the foundations objects and on several occasions attempted to glean information from research personnel. SCP 5120 has not attempted to harm foundation personnel only harmed foundation personnel once, see incident 4185-J.

SCP 5120 is noted as having a somewhat androgynous appearance but the SCP itself has offered deliberately contradictory statements regarding its sex, on multiple occasions stating itself to be male and on others female. Despite these claims 5120 does not posses genitalia of any kind nor any secondary sexual characteristics.

While SCP 5120 has displayed perfect control of its wings for flight it maintains its other anomalous properties are not within its control. Other anomalous properties include:

SCP 5120 is completely immune to all forms of damage inflicted on it but has reported that it still feels the pain from them. SCP 5120 also does not require sleep, food, water or oxygen to survive. However while SCP 5120 can survive without these they still suffer the pain associated with deprivation of them and the short term physical effects. 5120 is not immune to diseases, bacteria or viruses and has been sick at approximately 14x the standard human rate but it is unknown if permanent damage could be sustained from them.

No forms of pain relievers have any effect on SCP 5120, regardless of strength.

SCP 5120 can produce flames ranging from 20°C to excess of 10,000°C with no known reason behind the variation’s differences in heat. SCP 5120 is also immune to any negative effects from flames of any kind or heat of any temperature but has been shown to be cold numerous times.

Addendum: As of 16/06/201█ SCP 5120 has breached security 32 times. In each of these, SCP 5120 has left the containment of their cell without authorisation but has only left site ██ once, see incident log. SCP 5120 during these breaches can be found on site socialising with foundation personnel.

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