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Fragment of a painting which shows Zawisza Czarny on horseback holding a lance whose appearance resembles SCP-5151

Item #: SCP-5151

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5151 is to be housed in a large humanoid containment cell at Humanoid Containment Site-06-3, which has been modified with a skylight ceiling and two adjacent ventilated walls to provide outside airflow. No electronic devices are permitted inside of the cell except for an audio-recording device. All lights in the containment cell have been replaced by oil-fed lamps built into the walls.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, MTF Pi-7 ("Honor Bound Knights") is to enter the containment cell to train and spar with SCP-5151 for 7 hours. Every Sunday evening, a wooden table with eight wooden chairs are to be placed in the center of the containment cell. All members of MTF Pi-7 are required to seat themselves with SCP-5151 at the table. Personnel is instructed to prepare and serve various types of bread, pies, roasted pig, poultry, stews, and soups along with a variety of wines and ales to those seated at the table.1 MTF Pi-7 is allowed to leave the containment cell after SCP-5151 becomes incapacitated from the alcoholic beverages.

Updated Containment Procedures: SCP-5151 has been moved to Integrated Containment Site-54. MTF Pi-7 has relocated to Site-54 to provide further accommodations to SCP-5151. All other prior accommodations to SCP-5151 are still granted; however, the walls of the containment cell have been constructed with a grid pattern of electrical wiring inside. This grid pattern aligns with the door to the cell when closed to complete the circuit. An electrical current of 1,000 amps is passed through this wire grid at all times. MTF Pi-7 will be armed with experimental Nemtyshkin EDA's2.

Description: SCP-5151 is a male humanoid covered in chain mail armor from the medieval era with a laurel wreath3 around its head. It identifies as "The Black Knight," although it references having many other names and titles in the past. SCP-5151 does not require rest, food, or water for survival, although it consumes food and beverages for pleasure. When SCP-5151 deems a subject dishonorable, SCP-5151 stabs through the subject's aorta with its longsword. SCP-5151 proceeds to drain the victim's blood from their body, without leaving a trace of blood in their body, on their clothes, or their surroundings.

Despite the appearance of having clothing and armor, every aspect of SCP-5151's body, garments, armor, longsword, and other adornments is made up of the same composition. This composition can pass through material objects and is impervious to physical damage. These anomalous characteristics make containment of SCP-5151 through conventional means difficult.

During its discovery, the entity was found to be able to form an anomalous mark onto a subject's hand when the said subject forms a blood-pact4 with the entity. This mark is referred to as SCP-5151-2. When forming a blood-pact, SCP-5151 can establish an SCP-5151-2 instance with several subjects at the same time by creating a pact with their leader. SCP-5151-2 causes a mild burning sensation that varies in strength based on unknown factors. Affected individuals have had a noticeable increase in feelings of inadequacy and dread, as well as an increase in stress levels. It is unknown at this time as to whether or not SCP-5151-2 possesses any mind-affecting properties or if these factors can be attributed to the nature of this assignment combined with frustrations due to the current inability to remove SCP-5151-2.

Current research is being conducted on the nature of SCP-5151 and the nature and removal of SCP-5151-2. Current research is being conducted on possible containment procedures for SCP-5151 by unconventional means, as well as the nature and removal of SCP-5151-2.

Addendum 5151.01: Initial Discovery Log

SCP-5151 was discovered after the Foundation received reports of anomalous vigilante murders across the Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne, and Orléanais provinces of France. MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") were deployed to investigate the separate murders of E████ ██████ and G█████ ████████, two out of three men responsible for the murder of 4 adults as well as the kidnapping and trafficking of 18 children into child slavery from an orphanage in █████████, France. MTF Pi-1 agents found that each man had recently expired due to exsanguination.5 Both men had large stab wounds through their aortas; however, each man's body and clothing, as well as their surroundings, were void of blood. This description followed the same pattern of the previous vigilante murders, and the MTF agents apprehended the third man responsible for the orphanage incident, R██ ███████, following a brief search in the region.

On 08/08/2019, at 03:17 AM, during the transport of the subject to Site-06-3, MTF agents encountered SCP-5151 standing in the path of their vehicles. SCP-5151 began walking towards the vehicles as MTF agents attempted to make contact with the entity. The entity continued walking towards the vehicle despite warnings from the MTF agents. MTF Pi-1 proceeded to open fire on SCP-5151 to no effect. When the entity began to approach the vehicle which contained the subject, MTF agents attempted to restrain the entity physically; however, the agents were unable to grab the entity. SCP-5151 stabbed the subject through his aorta with a longsword. After killing the subject, SCP-5151 proceeded to stare at MTF Pi-1-█ before lunging toward him and stabbing him with a longsword. SCP-5151 proceeded to sheathe its longsword and raise its hands in a submissive manner while the MTF agents continued to discharge their weapons in the entity. When MTF Pi-1 ceased their fire, SCP-5151 proceeded to greet them, "Brave fellows, do not worry about him. I disposed of him as I have with others of his lot. Loyalty is a virtue, and the lack of it will lead to the death of chivalry. My presence is a testament that chivalry will never die. With this being said, I understand you have been searching for me. Pray tell what you might need of me?" This statement led to MTF Pi-1 surrounding SCP-5151 and contacting Site Command.

After MTF Pi-1 contacted Site-06-3 with their failure to restrain the entity, Site Director T███ ███████ decided to send Senior Researcher Sylvain Moreau along with site security to speak with the entity. After his arrival, Dr. Moreau proceeded to conduct an interview with SCP-5151.

Upon approval from Site Director T███ ███████, MTF Pi-7 ("Honor Bound Knights") has been formed to accommodate the current containment procedures of SCP-5151. These seven agents were chosen based on their skill in hand-to-hand combat as well as on their character compatibility with SCP-5151. After investigation of Pi-1-█'s belongings after the events which occurred, it was found that Pi-1-█ had several classified SCP documents as well as a note instructing him to steal SCP-████. It is believed that Pi-1-█ had a connection with the Chaos Insurgency.

Addendum 5151.02: Discovery Follow Up Interview

Addendum 5151.03: SCP-5151-2 Removal Testing

Addendum 5151.04: Names and Titles of SCP-5151

Addendum 5151.05: Historical Research Findings

Addendum 5151.06: MTF Pi-7-1 Interview

Addendum 5151.07: Incident Report 5151.IR.01



Addendum 5151.08: Research Update

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