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Item#: 5171-EX
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5171-EX is to submit a monthly report about any changes and new additions in taste that were generated by his synesthesia. He is to submit a special report if he starts tasting himself. All this reports will be searched by Director Weld's staff for anomalous properties.

SCP-5171-EX is otherwise allowed normal staff activity at Site EX.

Description: SCP-5171-EX is 26-year-old male Foundation Researcher Harold Simmons who was born with a rare type of synesthesia1 and is currently working at Site EX.

SCP-5171-EX's synesthesia manifests in being able to assign tastes to individual containment classes.2 Since the extent how different the synesthesia can be has not yet been fully examined, it remains unclear if SCP-5171-EX's synesthesia is anomalous or not.

SCP-5171-EX grew up in Site-11 and was therefore knowledgeable of the Foundation from his early years. His presumably inborn synesthesia was not discovered until 15th March 1980 lunch time where he remarked the food "is as hot as a Keter".

The following is a summary of SCP-5171-EX describing his own synesthesia:

I'll be honest, this is a bit difficult to describe. It's still a bit hard to contemplate that other people don't taste containment classes. So where do I start? If we are just going from safe to Keter it's just like going from the slight mild taste of a Safe to the hot taste of a Keter. But I mean it's not just Keter, it's more nuanced then that. You can go from the hotness of a good amount of pepper to burning your tongue from mistaking wasabi for green cream. What else is there? I know that whenever I hear about a Neutralized, it's just this fleeting aftertaste of what it once before. It's a bit hard to do this off the cuff, to be honest. Why would I memorize tastes? Just taste them when you meet them. Oh, but I like the sweetness of Explained. Those are delicious.

Experiment: SCP-5171-EX will discern the containment classes of multiple anomalies.

Result: SCP-5171-EX was able to correctly discern an anomaly's containment class with a 96% accuracy.

The following Interview log was conducted to discern whether SCP-5171-EX's capabilities are anomalous or not.

Researcher Becker: So, SCP-5171 why did it take so long for you to find out about your anomalous properties?

SCP-5171: First off: There is no reason to call me by this designation. I'm not a skip. Second: There is nothing anomalous about synesthesia. And I don't know, I just assumed this was the same for everyone. It's not really something that drops often in conversations. And I did say stuff like that before, this is just the first time someone investigated it.

Researcher Becker: Could this be a perceived effect from your imagination? Maybe a meme is at play here? What anomalies do you spent time with?

SCP-5171: I don't spend time with skips. I'm just the guy who recommends in which direction a skip could be researched or propose a containment class for it.

Researcher Becker: (notes something) And how do you explain your pin point accuracy? In your experiment you even predicted two re-classifications. And a quick look through your working history tells me there are more. This is beyond the scope of what any synesthesia should be capable of.

SCP-5171: Instinct, I guess? I mean there is a lot of subtlety that leans in favor of one or the other containment class, and as deciding that is my job, I'd better be good at it.

Researcher Becker: Hmm. One thing I still don't understand, why do you have this oddly specific limitation on the SCP designation?

SCP-5171: But I don't? I think most nexuses also have a taste. Hell, even non-anomalous things can have a containment class. I think nuclear weapons are rather sour, while your watch for example remains tasteless. It's not something you would give a containment class.

Researcher Becker: I think this is enough for now. Let me be honest here: It is very unlikely that you have normal synesthesia. That phenomenon just doesn't work as specific as this. Containment classes are just a concept to complex to grasp for the brain to be able to link it with the sense of taste. The most complex type of synesthesia we know of is being able to give a 3-dimensional position for the weekdays. I can also identify a clear spike in your activity regarding choosing containment classes around March which further underpins my theory that you are under the effect of some recent anomaly.

SCP-5171: What? But that could be for any number of reasons! You can't just assume-

Researcher Becker: I said we are finished for now. I only have one question left: What do you taste like?

SCP-5171: I don't have a taste.

This interview was conducted at a later point.

Weld: Good morning Simmons.

SCP-5171: Good morning Mister…?

Weld: Captain Weld. I'm here to make you an offer.

SCP-5171: What do I need an offer for?

Weld: Well this is about your designation as an anomaly, which in my opinion should have never happened. In dubio pro reo3 as they say, but that's sadly not how this works yet. Anyway, since there is no actual proof to there being any anomalous interference, I was able to lean your designation in favor to not anomalous alias Explained. After all this is most likely just a hyper-specific synesthesia. However I would still need to supervise you in case we find any anomalous traits. You will be allowed to continue your normal work, but with the additional task of reviewing older skips containment classes. You can either take this offer or you'll just be supervised in this cell.

SCP-5171-EX: Sounds like we have a deal.

Weld: Perfect. Ah, one last thing: We'll be moving you to the new EX Site. I heard you find Explained quite delicious?

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