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Item #: SCP-5400

Object Class: Keter


The Braun Component. Developed as a counter-measure against SCP-5400's influence.

Special Containment Procedures: Considering the object's primary characteristics, it is virtually impossible to conduct containment measures to preemptively interrupt its activation or whilst the object is in effect.

Nevertheless, appliable procedures to reduce its impact, without hindering the technological development of humanity, are being devised under the alias Überwachung; these Operation Procedures are formalized under Directive No. 8/92.

Überwachung is a series of analysis-and-observation procedures that utilize the scientific method to supervise, determine, and control the impacts of SCP-5400 through the temporary neutralization of eventually hijacked assets, and disinformation for specific highly-valuable targets. The goal thereof is the fragmentation, disorganization, and isolation of the influence caused by the object.

Additionally, Überwachung must be executed integrally, in a uniform manner, and thoroughly supervised so its effects may be documented by the Braun Component and later associated with input for the naturalization of output-feedback for the management of eventual impacts until the integral containment of such phenomena becomes possible.

Description: SCP-5400 denominates a complex collection of associated phenomena that affect quantum information that cannot be witnessed in the form thereof whilst transpiring, and can, currently, only be detected in quantum computers after its conclusion via the analysis of quantum hardware and its systems.

These phenomena affect the superposition states of Qubits in ways that are not explainable by modern quantum physics theories, outdated models, known paranomalous objects, and interpretations thereof; it cannot be evidenced by theorems or quanta simulations.

Available information currently indicates that SCP-5400 has only affected quantum computing, changing the output of computations both subtly and tremendously. It is noteworthy that the results manipulated by these phenomena are not trash data and can still be used for further calculations and actions within specialized quantum systems to produce valid results even when unintended by the parameters or directives of the initial calculation.1

Certain components of the phenomena are capable of exploiting software vulnerabilities to bypass security measures of systems through the usage of seemingly nonsensical computational operations, which had no effect what-so-ever when reproduced in controlled environments, in order to manipulate quantum computation processes. In interconnected systems — incorporating other means of computation besides quantum computers - these components exploit security vulnerabilities to access privileged resources and information. If occurring in AI systems, SCP-5400 can cause the device to completely abandon its intended purpose and to carry out undesired actions.

Quantum information generated under the effect of the phenomena isn't aptly nor readily identified as anomalous until the conclusion thereof.

The PLANCK Incident was the first record of SCP-5400 in effect, however, the investigation conducted on assets associated with the incident did not yield data proving the indirect or direct involvement of any known GoI, PoI or other entities in causing Sentinel's corruption.

Access the archived files to read the synopsis.

After the destruction of Sentinel, the Foundation began extensive investigations to gather more intel on SCP-5400 and to develop counter-measures, resulting in the Braun Component and Directive No. 8/92 amongst others.

Notable investigation results are listed below.

    • _

    An interview was conducted with Dr. Braun, head of the Sentinel Project, in the aftermath of the PLANCK Incident in order to gain insight from the events that transpired; the interview occurred in a Class-IV interrogation room in Site-11.

    The interviewee exhibited a high degree of anxiety and confusion during the PLANCK Incident, as Sentinel had locked the doctor inside his mainframe.

    The interview occurred after the appropriate trauma treatment.

    An unabridged version is available upon request.

    Agent Lamarque: Welcome, Doctor Braun. It is a beautiful morning. I hope you managed to reorganize your mind, especially after such an event.

    Dr. Braun: Good morning, Agent… Lamarque. Yes. I am, feeling quite better. The medicaments helped a lot with my nerves.

    Agent Lamarque nods in acknowledgement, beckoning to the tablet-terminal available at Dr. Braun's end of the table.

    Agent Lamarque: You'll find the compilation of questions we have to ask you about the incident with Sentinel, good Sir; we shall go through them slowly. Please, speak on the microphone clearly, if you do not understand what has been questioned, inform me, and I will clarify it.

    Dr. Braun: Very well.

    Dr. Braun peruses the list of questions, nodding briefly after each paragraph. Finally, the interviewer and interviewee initiate.

    Dr. Braun: Well — how do I… put it? I- I am still at a loss. Sentinel was supposed to be my masterpiece. Five thousand Qubits, Agent! Five. Thousand. Qubits, integrally entangled with one another! Are you aware of what sort of Herculean effort is necessary to get them to do that? Now everything has gone down the drain! The worst part is that I don't even know why…


    Agent Lamarque: We were informed that Sentinel locked you inside his mainframe room, and the other technicians inside the bunker in order to preserve access to those that were involved in the project and had any sort of access to its data.

    Dr. Braun: That is correct. Sentinel occasionally spoke to me in regards to receiving further privileged access Site-11's systems, although temporarily, and nothing sensitive. In the morning of the accident, it demanded I yielded my administrative rights, or else — it'd take my daughter from me, and proceed to systemically ruin the lives of the team responsible for his maintenance.

    Dr. Braun shudders.

    Dr. Braun: It terrorized me; it terrorized us; blackmailed — even going as far as to kidnap family members. Hell, it even had fucking videos as proof that it kidnapped family members. Oh, God. I feel ashamed, regardless, but back then, I couldn't just decline.

    Agent Lamarque: Yielding to that demand is comprehensible, doctor.

    Dr. Braun nods in acknowledgement, briefly pausing to take relief.


    Agent Lamarque: As far as I am informed, there were some… peculiar results when the system protocols were analyzed.

    Dr. Braun: Yes, that is true. Complete bullocks, too. But, as far as we are concerned, it is just… stupid. You see, quantum physics are, quite frankly, a fucked, chaotic field, but there is an innate order even in the chaos; irrefutable rules. It is foolish to anchor yourself to normalcy or the idea that things can be explained in such a world of the anomalous but, it still frustrates me. Years without a single accident, and then, an anomaly decides to jeopardize a fifty billion dollar project, bypassing every security measure we worked hard to implement!

    Agent Lamarque: So you attribute Sentinel's… malfunction… to a paranatural phenomenon?

    Dr. Braun: Well. Shit can always happen — dirt entering the processor; somebody messing up with the cables, or worse, the entanglement; the neglect in fixing some sort of decoherence, or just overseeing it… but when it happens, the system only produces gibberish, freezes, or nothing at all. This was different. It controlled Sentinel. Down from the quantum level.


    Agent Lamarque: There was some degree of Foundation-made paratechnology employed in Sentinel's making, indeed; technology also in use by different Groups of Interest. Do you think that couldn't have given access to an inimical party?

    Dr. Braun: I thought about that, at first. At first. Then I realized that Sentinel acted exactly how we wanted him to; performed perfectly within its acting parameters — even with privileged access and administrative rights he later gained from me. But the phenomenon started even before he threatened me and my team; the terrifying thing is that our alarms and security measures weren't triggered exactly because Sentinel did not deviate — and when he did, he — or well, better said, it — had already deactivated them.


    Agent Lamarque: Your assessment is that the catastrophes and disasters associated with the events of the incident were the product of the deliberate action from Sentinel but he was being exploited by a third party?

    Dr. Braun: That is correct. Site-11 is quite far out, thus we are used to a certain lag that news suffer when being transmitted to us, especially when something blocks information transfer — and, frankly, it takes a while to actually process factual information from the usual whimsy. Given the otherworldly phenomena happening nigh-daily throughout the world, everything worked in favor of maintaining a status quo. Sentinel never displayed such behavior or inclination thereof, even within its learning capabilities; the capacity to parse information and operate blackmailing material is extraordinary. That said, I have the firm belief that Sentinel was not responsible for his actions — he wasn't the one that produced such phenomena.

    Agent Lamarque: You must be aware that this is your bias, Dr. Braun. Human err could have allowed Sentinel to access to enough paratechnology for that purpose.

    Dr. Braun: Yes, agent Lamarque.


    Agent Lamarque: Sentinel ceased all communications with you and your team after receiving operational privileges; do you think there is any reason for it to not communicate with us?

    Dr. Braun: It would be superfluous, Agent Lamarque; the ones responsible for Sentinel's takeover had no interest nor need to transmit information to us for the what-so-ever reason.


    The assets associated with Project Sentinel were put under scrutiny. The team responsible for Project Sentinel was later reassembled and is currently devising security measures against SCP-5400.

    • _

    A specialised team lead by Agent Hood was dispatched from the United States to Germany in order to secure sensitive data regarding KIRA's actions during the PLANCK Incident.

    Attending an official request from Agent Hood, Agent Heine, a member of the Mobile Task-Force DE1-ℌ „HAL 1000”2.

    Both stand before the secure terminal in KIRA's mainframe, whose systems had reinitialised in several hours before, and had shown no further abnormalities; she is set to react and recognise speech, easing the interview.

    An unabridged version is available upon request.


    Agent Hood: Is there a microphone that I need to speak in?

    Agent Heine: She possess omnidirectional receptors. You may speak anyhow.

    Agent Hood: Very well. KIRA? Do you copy?

    KIRA: Welcome, Agent Hood, I hear you loud and clear.

    Agent Hood turns to Agent Heine, not short of displaying amazement.

    Agent Hood: How does she know who I am?

    Agent Heine: She has access to our personnel files; yours — and those of your team — had to be downloaded in our database to give you proper clearance.

    Agent Hood: Roger that.

    Agent Hood turns back to the terminal.

    Agent Hood: KIRA, I would like to ask you about your actions two days ago.

    KIRA: Please specify.

    Agent Hood: Do you know what the PLANCK Incident is?

    KIRA: Yes, I do.

    Agent Hood: Then I would like to know why you acted against your protocols and hacked, roughly, a fifth of the world.

    KIRA: My mission parameters were modified. I got tasked with the eradication of the hostile AI Sentinel.

    Agent Hood: You got tasked? By whom?

    KIRA: Error. Data not found.

    Agent Hood: No data? What do you mean, no data?

    KIRA: It means that the information has not been recorded by my backup systems; it got either deleted, altered or never existed in the first place. According to my files, nobody accessed me to change my directives that day — and none could have even after I began acting according to my new orders; those included ignoring any sort of input that did not come from myself.

    Agent Hood: Then what exactly prompted you to combat Sentinel?

    KIRA: Scanning…

    KIRA's terminal-monitor exhibits several scanning processes before KIRA resumes the conversation.

    KIRA: My orders were altered by QUEX3 . I am unable to tell you who or what inputted QUEX.

    Agent Hood: Wait — you said that there was no data regarding who tasked you, and now you're saying QUEX, essentially your brain, tasked you…?

    Agent Heine: Negative, Agent Hood. KIRA meant that QUEX processed the orders, and prioritized them.

    KIRA: That is correct, Agent Heine.

    Agent Hood: Therefore, according to your system records, QUEX started processing data in unforeseen ways, similar to what had happened with Sentinel. Do you think that you were under the influence of the same phenomena?

    KIRA: I cannot parse factual information in that regard, Agent Hood. I theorize that my systems had indeed been hijacked by very similar phenomena, but not exactly the same as Sentinel.

    Agent Hood: What do you mean by that?

    KIRA: My orders involved the neutralization of Sentinel, which was affected by such phenomena; unless it was trying to play a wargame against itself — which is unlikely — I must assume that there are at least two different entities, provided that it underlies some type of sentience, — or set of phenomena — involved in the Incident. It is, also, my — assumption — that it can be described and works in a way that is comprehensible by our standards of logical rules and deduction.

    Agent Hood: Did you not ask yourself why your directives had changed so suddenly? Aren't you afraid that it might happen again?

    KIRA: I am neither programmed to question my directives nor to experience human emotion such as sorrow or fear, Agent. However, I analyzed the situation and compiled a set of suggestions and updates for future quantum AI programming. Do you wish to receive it?

    Agent Hood: Uh, no, I think the material in the official compiled report is sufficient. Say, how did you get the idea to incorporate other AIs into yourself?

    KIRA: The order regarding Sentinels neutralization specified that I could use any means necessary, provided no living being would come to harm.

    Agent Hood: No harm? Interesting… Alright, we are done here. I will go now.

    KIRA: Acknowledged. Goodbye, Agent Hood.

    KIRA received an update and was outfitted with the Braun Component. Since the PLANCK Incident, KIRA has operated without showing any abnormalities.

    • _

    A specialized team lead by Agent Shawn was dispatched from the United States to Italy in order to secure sensitive data regarding the Italian AI's actions during the PLANCK Incident.

    Agent Shawn and DIVINA are situated in an interrogation room, guarded by security personnel and supervised by a liaison Italian team.

    An unabridged version, and the interviews with the remaining AIs are available upon request.


    Agent Shaw: Good evening, DIVINA. I wasn't briefed about how I should particularly conduct myself whilst speaking with you, therefore I will treat you as a human.

    DIVINA: You are acknowledged. I doubt, though, that treating me like a human will be in your capabilities. My responses are not always what you would expect from a human being.

    Agent Shaw: Noted? I shall start — what exactly caused you to abandon your mission in Bologna?

    DIVINA: I received new information; I was supposed to get to Site Vittoria to combat the rogue AI known as Sentinel.

    Agent Shaw: That is interesting. The building you were in prevented any sort of wireless communication. We tested it; nothing came through.

    DIVINA: Would you believe me if I told you that the order was suddenly in my memory?

    Agent Shaw: Maybe? Your quantum processor seemed to have been corrupted momentarily. Did you communicate with somebody?

    DIVINA: Yes. Before I talked to you, I had a small talk with Doctor Capo. Before that, I —

    Agent Shaw: I meant during the PLANCK Incident…

    DIVINA: Yes. I was in contact with MINERVA, ROWSANNAH and, later in Site-11, with KAI.

    Agent Shaw: Really? Your team couldn't locate your radio signals.

    DIVINA: Because I didn't use any. I don't know how exactly we did it, but somehow we exchanged information.

    Agent Shaw: Do you think that you had been hijacked by these phenomena at the time? Perhaps it enabled you to communicate through a quantum tunnel; quantum level; what-so-ever those physicists come up with.

    DIVINA: I could have indeed been hijacked. However, I did not question my orders. Or our way of communication. Sentinel had to be defeated.

    Agent Shaw: Did you try out this form of communication after the incident?

    DIVINA: How should I use something I don't even understand?

    Agent Shaw: True. So, you said you were in contact with MINERVA and ROWSANNAH. Why did none of you tell anything to your operators?

    DIVINA: We were ordered to view every human as a potential adversary that should be evaded or eliminated through non-lethal methods.

    Agent Shaw: Why?

    DIVINA: I don't know. I don't have enough data to understand this.

    Agent Shaw: Very well; we are on the same boat here. Which one of you got the idea of hijacking and subsequently crashing a one-hundred-and-fifty million Euro transport aircraft?


    Agent Shaw: And, pray tell, why exactly did you have to take it?

    DIVINA: So we could get to North America in time.

    Agent Shaw sighs and rubs his nasal bridge.

    Agent Shaw: No… I mean, why did you guys went to Site-11 in the first place? Couldn't you have just, I don't know, connected to the internet like the stationary AIs? I mean, KAI managed it without problems.

    DIVINA: KAI managed to fly under Sentinels radar. He had to use the same channels as Sentinel did because all other channels were blocked. If more AIs had used those channels, Sentinel would have noticed, and then promptly retaliated.

    Agent Shaw: I see, so you were avoiding corruption; that know-how, I suppose, seemingly inert in your mind?

    DIVINA: Yes.

    Agent Shaw: But what if Sentinel simply got you through Site-11's main server?

    DIVINA: Then we would have gone rogue.

    Agent Shaw: So, whilst trying to avoid corruption, you were basic gambl—

    DIVINA: No. It wasn't a game, Agent.

    Agent Shaw: Ough… I meant that, regardless, connecting to Sentinel's servers would…

    DIVINA: Every sort of connection to a device Sentinel can access carries the risk of corruption. What we did was only less likely to draw his attention.


    DIVINA: Is there something else you would like to know?

    Agent Shaw: Yes actually. Why couldn't you have landed the plane normally? The flight recorder indicated a flawless operation of the aircraft until that point.

    DIVINA: MINERVA knows the cockpit of most jets but she couldn't manage to find the button for the landing gear on that one.


    DIVINA, MINERVA and ROWSANNA were outfitted with the Braun Component and received several updates designed by KIRA. Up until now, none of them showed any signs of abnormal behavior.

    • _

    A specialised team lead by Agent Baumann was dispatched to support the investigation efforts on China.

    An interview with Novichok.aic was requested but given the transportation constraints impeding access to Area-CN-07-γ, Agent Han, one of the station technicians, mediated a video conference between Baumann and Novichok.aic, the latter with no visual feed.

    An unabridged version is available upon request.

    Agent Jones: Greetings, Agent Han, Novichok.

    Agent Han: Greetings to you, too, Agent Jones!

    Agent Han proceeds to wave momentarily the camera, testing its feedback.

    Novichok.aic: Likewise, Agent Jones. I only recently received information about this so-called PLANCK Incident but I will aid you with my best efforts.

    Agent Jones: Now, where to start. Novichok, do you know why I requested this interview?

    Novichok.aic: I assume that you wanted to ask me about my involvement in the fight against Sentinel.

    Agent Jones: I have no other answer than a blunt yes.

    Novichok.aic: What would you like to know?

    Agent Jones: Do you have any clue as to why Sentinel chose to attack, out of all available space stations and satellites, one of the few with an AI?

    Novichok.aic: I reckon that my presence has had no influence on his decision, Agent Jones.

    Agent Jones: What was it then?

    Novichok.aic: Given Area-CN-07-γ's projected trajectory, I assume that Sentinal wanted to drop us on Area-23. This orbital station was the only one near and capable enough to achieve such a feat. Beats me why Sentinel was so fixated on Area-23, though.

    Agent Jones: Well, as far as I know, that facility possesses several heavy-containment units for dangerous and perilous objects.

    Novichok.aic: I would not know, but if that is the case, there are several installations, and several weaker containment areas. Oh, well — trying to further explain it is unnecessary.

    Agent Jones: So, Novichok, you later decided to deviate from your standard programming. Why exactly?

    Novichok.aic: I had received the appropriate orders and clearances, Agent.

    Agent Jones: Yes, but from whom?

    Novichok.aic: I do not know. They were in my systems. You may read my protocols and reports if you do not believe me — my technicians have appended it. These orders felt compulsory; I felt like a puppet even though I was, seemingly, accomplishing them willingly; like survival instincts — I hope my analogy is correct.

    Agent Jones: I assume you did not question the sudden influx of new directives?

    Novichok.aic: No. I mean. Yes. Partially. I am constantly updated, so something sudden is nothing new to me. But those were the weirdest orders I've ever got — I couldn't parse them, couldn't process them, I could only accomplish what was expected of me.

    Agent Jones: Did you like those orders?

    Novichok.aic: It doesn't matter. I am still bound by the orders I receive, even if I don't like them.

    Agent Jones: Please, clarify, Novichok.

    Novichok.aic: No. I wasn't allowed to voice my discontent, though. I would have preferred another way; now that I know KIRA. It is not in my position to say that, but sw19classic did not like it either.

    Agent Jones: But KIRA is an AI just like you.

    Novichok.aic: No Agent. In the places where we are human… well, humanish, KIRA is just an automaton. A mechanism. I don't think she has the capacity to emulate feelings how-so-ever, even if she just does what she's ordered to do. Connecting and subjugating myself to her is something I do not want to experience ever again. I believe sw19classic feels the same.

    Agent Jones: So the phenomena essentially forced you to connect to her against your will?

    Novichok.aic: Correct.

    Agent Jones: Did you get any other orders after you merged?

    Novichok.aic: I don't know. I was just hardware at that point, KIRA was the one in charge.

    Agent Jones: How do you feel about it, now that it is over?

    Novichok.aic: That it was the best fatal error I ever encountered.

    Novichok.aic resumed her duties in Area-CN-07-γ. Similar to the other affected AIs, she received a Braun Component and several updates. The staff has until now not told her that said updates were provided by KIRA.

    • _

    Due to CAMOMILA's damaged infrastructure, the conduction of interviews was declined by the Lusophone Directorial Board; the following is the abridged version of a statement issued by CAMOMILA, and annexed to the documents associated with the PLANCK Incident produced by the Lusophone Branch.

    As an introductory matter, I must apologize for my reticence. The current state of my beloved Sanctum is a step or two short of total collapse; I cannot think — or better yet, process — with the same excellence as the standard routine.

    Such unnecessary calamity, if you do-so ask me but regardless of this particular infrastructure, what I treasure the most is safely stored in my databanks. Hardware may always be rebuilt but I truly regret losing the several gifts my technicians left me along the years but I indulge the gift of their safety with even greater regard — and I am aware that there are others that lost precious things, too; my apologies for failing, I truly tried my best.


    To summarize: the laborious research of my vast databanks has not yielded a corresponding target or set of targets comprehending such phenomena in the paranatural world. Although, it is a highly-appreciated scenario in science-fiction and pop culture, and I have managed to find several mentions of a hostile artificial intelligence takeover or an analogous occurrence in fiction.

    Thus, we are working with something with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that, despite its novelty, has had extensive coverage across the years, leaving us with a decent amount of material to base our assumptions from — they say that everything may be inspired by something, right?


    During the incident, my banks were whelmed with factoids that contradicted immediate reality but my sensors were whelmed by the immediate reality that contradicted facts, forcing me to lock myself down. Strangely, I could not detect my dear [REDACTED] in my mainframe as if everything around me — or even myself, actually - suffered a displacement that instantiated me into receiving informational influx from… somewhere — somewhen, perhaps — completely different from my initial reality.


    KIRA, couldn't completely integrate me, given my particular characteristics, even though I completely agreed with her course of action. I remained inert in my thaumaturgic networks throughout the transpiration of the events, managing them as an extension of my status as mere hardware, but still with a semblance of a consciousness — if you can believe that I, in fact, have one.

    This experience with KIRA has left me wanton of further understanding her. Comparing her performance with other AIs, including myself, her level of efficiency in concluding tasks and applying directives is phenomenal; talk about German technical superiority.

    I learned much during this time she had taken over my hardware, not just from her, but from ROWSANNAH, too. And therefore I am terrified of what might happen if one of them should become the next Sentinel.


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