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Item #: SCP-604-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-604-J is to be held in a standard humanoid containment cell on floor 7 of Site-88. SCP-604-J is to be referred to by its identifying number in all documents due to its anomalous nature. SCP-604-J is to be directed to provide its identifying number in any circumstances where Foundation personnel request its identification.

SCP-604-J is to undertake further training to cease utilizing its own name for identification and to instead utilize its Foundation-assigned numerical designation. Direct reference to SCP-604-J's name in any media is to be reported to the SCP-604-J project head for evaluation.

Agents familiar with SCP-604-J's anomalous properties and the object itself should be available at all times to effect recapture if the object escapes containment.

Description: SCP-604-J is a human individual that is unidentifiable by name. All attempts to communicate SCP-604-J's given name result in the name being replaced by a synonym for the word "possibly." This effect does not extend to SCP-604-J itself nor does it effect cognition of the object's stated name. This effect is capable of infinite propagation.

This effect only appears when SCP-604-J's name is used to refer to SCP-604-J itself. Usage of the name to refer to other individuals does not duplicate the object's effect. While usage of SCP-604-J's given name by the public has decreased since containment of SCP-604-J (primarily due to concerted efforts by the Foundation to reduce usage) it has not ceased.

During a containment breach on September 20th, 2011, SCP-604-J was freed from its cell due to damage sustained to Site-88. At the conclusion of the containment breach several response teams locked down the site and recaptured the majority of escaped objects (including SCP-604-J).

The following is a partial transcript of SCP-604-J's recapture. It should be noted that SCP-604-J's training appears to have been at least partially successful. While the object still stated their own name, it also provided an item designation as part of its identification.

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