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Artist Showcase


Example from Broken Masquerade legal firm advertisements. Click image to enlarge.


"This image is one of many from my series of Broken Masquerade legal firm ads. The way I see it, with the Foundation being public in Broken Masquerade's setting, organizations dedicated to forming legally stable grounds for arguments against the Foundation's morals and methods and/or helping human and sapient anomalies get back on their feet (if/when released from containment) are going to have a presence.

For Leeward & Warner Legal Solutions, they've got a sensitive backstory that I haven't bothered to write yet, but Leeward is Adam Leeward of the SCP-2708 mini-canon, and Warner is… well, maybe you can figure it out from the preexisting context, but I haven't bothered to elaborate on that in writing yet, so you'll just have to wait.

I use Adobe Photoshop through Creative Cloud, because I'm one of those suckers who likes accessibility and rip-off subscriptions. For this specific work, my own photography was used, though I sometimes use images 'licensed for reuse' through Google Image Search if I need to combine a bunch of different images."


682 in his natural habitat. Click image to enlarge.


"This is the drawing that gets stolen the most so I'm putting it here.

I created and co-run an SCP art blog called securecontainplsno but I usually draw more serious art. I tend to use bright colors, thick lines and cartoony proportions, because straight lines are terrible things."


Secure. Contain. Protect. Click image to enlarge.


"This piece for SCP's 10th Anniversary is arguably my most well-known work and my summary of the Foundation's core themes. Against all odds, they protect the world from unfathomable horrors and bizarre enemies with the power of progress. Despite their seeming inhumanity, hypocrisy and even corruption, they are a beacon of light shining in the chaos of such hopelessness.

My art has a focus on worldbuilding because I enjoy the grand and fantastical aspects of the universe such as the Groups of Interest and the ancient mythos. I prefer painterly styles that empathise symbolism and detail, but never limit myself to one style. By trying new approaches, I can effectively portray the diversity of subject matter in the SCP universe, be they melancholic character moments or fiery clashes between eldritch gods."


Text. Click image to enlarge.


"I've always liked graphics design and minimalism, so it was only natural to try and adapt that to the SCP wiki as well. What had started as a minimalist image of SCP-173 became the first among a long list of minimalist SCPs and movie posters, then fictionalized magazine covers to tie in with the Broken Masquerade canon and recruitment posters. I've got an ever-growing list of requests and ideas, but never enough time to make them all. I'm hoping to one day involve some of my film photography into one of these posters, but that hasn't happened just yet. (Soon…) Style-wise, I'm a fan of minimalism, but also of photomanipulation - especially for my posters and covers that are tied in with the Broken Masquerade canon. It's always fun - and a little unnerving - to try and imagine what these images would look like if the Foundation were real and active. Naturally, with my photography background, I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 for all of my works even though I know Illustrator's better for vector images. Take that, artistic norms!"


anomalously high readings of dilbert and the family circus, sir! Click image to enlarge.


"oh god what is this how do i art"


The Day of Flowers: The glory of man and the fall of SCP-1000. Click image to enlarge.


"This piece is, of course, a black and white depiction of SCP-1000. Human and SCP-1000's situation present a sharp contrast, as humans bathe in the sunlight while the bigfoots retreat into the darkness. The upside-down structure and the opposite colors serve to strengthen the idea.

I always love drawing skips concerning the 'grander' themes, and prefer more symbolic depictions over the literal ones. My work has gone from focusing on details to providing more organized and smooth images, but this has not changed. I want to make sure to not only present what a skip looks like, but also its features. It is true that drawing in monochrome is sometimes limiting, but the style is also unique in simplifying things and giving them an artistic touch.

Aside from SCP entries, I draw tales and characters, and among other things, logo designs. (I probably drew more CotBG & Sarkicism and Pitch Haven stuff than I should have.) I also made a set of SCP Tarot Cards, which I'm rather proud of. GOI Ball Comics is another thing I do, taking a break from the black and white style."


SCP-999/SCP-682 Crosstest. Click image to enlarge.


"I love making whimsical vector art - as a former graphic design student with no talent for 'analog' drawing, it feels good to have a quick method to transcribe the images in my head into art. In my opinion, one of the greatest aspects of the SCP Foundation is the juxtaposition of tones — that even in the face of K-class scenarios, comedy and tragedy can work alongside each other, enhancing the effects of both. The infamous SCP-999/SCP-682 crosstest is one such example, and I wanted to capture the personalities of both anomalies, and how they would influence each other. For example, I believe that SCP-999 tries to emulate SCP-682's toughness in its presence, coming off more as mischievous."


Click image to enlarge.


It was hell trying to pick one piece for the hub- it's like a asking a parent to pick a favorite kid or something. X3

Finally settled on the flamingos, mostly because they're a great example of everything I love doing with my SCP-related art: giving some love to hidden gems, visually depicting the spirit of an idea, and creating windows into a world where animate plastic lawn ornaments go from adorable to terrifying in the course of a few paragraphs.

On my art in general, I love playing with ideas and methods, shuffling styles from cartooning to high realism, and subjects from grimdark to cutesy. I work mostly in Photoshop CS 5.5, but my workflow occasionally mixes in Inkscape (vector), Blender (3D), and scanned traditional media like pencil and ink. Other critical workflow elements include music, caffeine, {noun}punk and retrofuturist stuff, popcorn movies, documentaries, and large machinery (preferably slightly rusty with lots of rivets, pipes, and/or moving parts).


The Gate Guardian. Click image to enlarge.

Floofy Dwagon

"I love the variety in all the SCPs. All the different kinds of dangers and mysteries behind them really fascinates me! The proposals for SCP-001 are my favorites; they leave you pondering on which one is real, and what that would mean for the Foundation. So I thought I would try my hand drawing one of them in a kind of stylized way. It's fitting, after all, that a drawing of an SCP would be more of an abstract representation of it, considering how little we really know about them."

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