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SCP-TRETTER-J attempting to sabotage Dr. Vanderbilt as he prepares the documentation for SCP-████.


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-TRETTER-J must be kept out of any room where staff are currently creating or updating SCP documents on a computer. SCP-TRETTER-J is capable of opening doors, so doors must be locked if any work is to be done. In the event SCP-TRETTER-J is able to enter a room where computer work is being done, it should be distracted with treats or cuddles until it can be removed from the area.

SCP-TRETTER-J is allowed to wander Site-726. A litterbox and food/water dishes have been placed in the site's cafeteria for it. During down time or off hours, personnel are encouraged to play with SCP-TRETTER-J for relaxation and morale purposes.

Description: SCP-TRETTER-J is a female stray cat that Dr. Loyd brought to Site-726 on the 18th of August, 2012. It has black fur, with the exception of a few white tufts of hair on its chest, and is currently quite overweight. Staff are reminded not to feed SCP-TRETTER-J scraps from the cafeteria. SCP-TRETTER-J is very friendly and playful. Staff have described it as "always acting like a kitten." Staff generally refer to it as 'Tretter' or 'Trots' for short.

SCP-TRETTER-J is generally non-anomalous; however, when an SCP Foundation staff member begins to create a new SCP document or edit a pre-existing one, it will anomalously become aware of this and attempt to enter the area where the document is being prepared. If SCP-TRETTER-J is able to do this, it will try to disrupt the work being done in any way it can. SCP-TRETTER-J has been observed knocking items off the desk, blocking the computer screen, stepping on the keyboard, and generally acting like a nuisance.

Addendum: Below is a list of documents that SCP-TRETTER-J has affected:

  • SCP-1504 - "Joe Schmo," a particularly durable man who's every action is misperceived as normal.
    • SCP-TRETTER-J caused Reasearcher Vanderbilt to accidently delete the pre-existing documentation, by pushing his hand controlling the mouse in an attempt to get scratches.
  • Who am I? - Ongoing reasearch into the true nature of SCP-431.
    • SCP-TRETTER-J knocked an open bottle over, spilling water onto Dr. Loyd's desk and keyboard. The keyboard stopped functioning, so work on the above document was stalled for several minutes.
  • SCP-2579 - "Grant's Bears," a species of bear that is able to anonymously produce music and will dance to it when trying to find a mate
    • SCP-TRETTER-J attempted to enter the room where the document was being prepared. As the door was locked, it instead howled and meowed loudly, annoying and distracting Researcher Vanderbilt.
  • SCP-3002 - "Attempts to Assassinate Thought," an incredibly contagious meme that manifests as a childhood friend.
    • SCP-TRETTER-J stepped on Researcher Vanderbilt's keyboard, accidently bypassing admin locks on the anomaly's documentation, infecting Researcher Vanderbilt.
  • Recruitment Drive (R-28126) - A document concerning the hiring practices of GOI-019 (The Factory).
    • SCP-TRETTER-J, strangely enough, did nothing during this research project.
  • SCP-2654 - "1001 Arabian Snacks", a magic eight ball that will occasionally cause a strange humanoid to appear.
    • SCP-TRETTER-J ran away with the snacks dedicated to SCP-2654-1. It was rather upset because of that.
  • What am I? - A tale exploring what SCP-173 is.
  • SCP-3654 - "WarTime", a ship from an alternate WW2.
  • SCP-3254 - "Grant's Mama Bear", a cybernetic bear that wants to protect its children.
  • SCP-3540 - "Don't Queer the Reaper, or some other pun involving Psychopomps", A pair of grim reapers that spend the month of October celebrating Halloween and enjoying each other's companies.
  • SCP-3542 - "Fear Not, Citizen", a reality bender who is just a really really shitty batman.

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