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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: From 23 December 1971 to 2 November 2016, SCP-001 was contained by the existence of SCP-2798. Based upon yesterday's cessation of SCP-2798, emergency containment measures are in effect until further notice. These measures include:

  • Sustained containment efforts of anomalous phenomena by any means necessary, with priority given to those most likely to cause elevated loss of life and/or severe damage to human belief in rationality
  • Research into means of bringing about the sequence of events shown to be possible in the newly-documented Determinative Set XZ
  • Isolation of any communication attempts, with Foundation staff or civilians, originating from SCP-001

Personnel are to monitor this file continuously for any future directives.

Description: SCP-001 is a sapient entity or entities capable of initiating and exerting control over anomalous phenomena on Earth and in all regions of space observable thus far by modern scientific methods. SCP-001 is hostile, and is believed to be motivated by a desire to cause profound distress and suffering to humanity on a planetary scale. The methodology of SCP-001 in achieving this goal appears to include undermining large-scale human institutions and specifically eroding belief in a rational consensus reality.

Anomalous activity has been documented by the Foundation since its inception in ████, and evidence exists of such activity dating back to the beginnings of recorded history. However, shortly after the formal establishment of the Foundation, this activity increased sharply, and early statistical models suggested a coordinated actor behind a significant amount of documented anomalies. The presence of an agent causing this phenomena was confirmed in 1953. Communication was received from SCP-001 by the Foundation in early 1954, demonstrating that SCP-001 possessed sapience and intelligence that was sufficiently analogous to humans to enable a meaningful transfer of information. The records of this communication are limited to Level 5 clearance at this time.

Upon receiving the communication from SCP-001, Project Serapis (later known as SCP-2798) was initiated. This project is believed to have interfered significantly with SCP-001's ability to locate and perceive humanity and Earth during its lifetime, accounting for a sharp decline in the rate of new anomalous phenomena and fewer anomalies of a high-impact nature.

With the cessation of SCP-2798, SCP-001 has succeeded in locating and properly identifying the population of Earth, and resumed its direct influence over anomalous activity on Earth and local environs as of 2 November 2016. This has taken the form of newly documented anomalies, as well as the spontaneous disappearance and reappearance outside of Foundation custody of previously contained phenomena, in new iterations that have been altered to apparently cause greater amounts of difficulty in containment and heightened psychological impact upon Foundation personnel and civilians. A developing listing of altered phenomena with existing SCP designations is attached to this file.

The precise nature of SCP-001 itself is unknown at this time. Available sources of information suggest that SCP-001 is alive, occupies a plane of existence either similar or identical to that observable by humanity, displays a form of intelligence organically similar to that of humans or adapted to be such, and possesses an intimate understanding of human psychology.

The purpose behind SCP-001's manipulation of local reality is not discernible with current information. No means are now known of interfering directly with SCP-001.

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