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Seminars and Workshops

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Welcome to the hub page for the SCP Foundation Wiki's Seminars and Workshops, an interactive learning platform on various topics including critique, writing techniques, wiki culture, and more!

On this page, you will find a calendar for upcoming seminars/workshops and notes compiled by staff of previously held seminars. Live updates on seminars and workshops can also be found in this forum thread.

If you have any questions/concerns, please direct them to taylor_itkintaylor_itkin.

Seminar/Workshop Calendar

Date Time Workshop/Seminar Host
Monday, December 16, 2019 6 PM EST A Beginner's Guide to Narratives - How to Tell a Story with Your Thing that Does a Thing DrAkimotoDrAkimoto

Seminar/Workshop Notes

Have an idea for a seminar or workshop? Tell us in this form.

Seminar Staff Team:

taylor_itkintaylor_itkin (team lead), TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcB (vice team lead), RaddagherRaddagher, Elogee FishTruckElogee FishTruck, N_Aepic_FaelN_Aepic_Fael, DrAkimotoDrAkimoto


tupacofficialtupacofficial, GekkoguyGekkoguy, Ellie3Ellie3

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