Several Creative Promotions
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Note- These are just my ideas for some television ads that Foundation fronts might use. Enjoy!

Everyone likes pizza, right? And more pizza is better, right?

That's why here at Spicy Crust Pizza, we try to give you only the best, most completely and utterly natural ingredients available to us.

And to make sure you get to enjoy our fresh ingredients, we make sure our pizzas get to you fast! How fast, you ask? We guarantee that your pizza will arrive within fifteen minutes of your order, or your money back! It's almost like we know what you're going to order before even you do!

We make sure that every pizza is hand-made and delivered, and our employees are well-trained and friendly!

Spicy Crust Pizza-We're suspiciously good!

Are you a sorry excuse for a boyfriend slash husband?

Do you struggle with giving great gifts that she'll love?

Do you often find yourself in a ditch, relationship (or real-life!) wise?

If so, then do we have the perfect gift for you!

Just get her two lovely tickets to our professional and romantic performances at South Central Productions!

Every year, we put on lovely performances of Oklahoma!, Guys and Dolls, Ticket to Ride, The Lizard is in the Closet, Let's Kill the Thing, The Grand Old Comrades, The Seven Handymen, Nobody Knows, The Unusuals, I'm All Cut Up Over It, Eric's The Best Man, and A Romantic Evening with Mister Marshall.

We don't perform the Hanged King's Tragedy, so stop asking already.

Purchase a romantic ticket to South Central Productions today!

Hey, you!

Yes, you!

Do your floors, bathrooms and windows suffer from the devious crime of dirtiness?

I'm Peter with Supreme Cleaning Products, and I'm here to make your house shine!

Supreme Cleaning Products are guaranteed to clean even the stubbornest of messes, fast!

Take this absolutely filthy mirror. I dip it in some Supreme Cleaning Product, wait five minutes, and BAM! Better than new! Shinier than the Harlequin's front teeth!

But don't take my word for this magnificent product! Try some of it for yourself!

Just call 1-800-800-SCLP today! Get your house sparklier than a pattern screamer at noon!

Supreme Cleaning Products! Anomalously good!

Do you run a company or business?

Do you use computers?

Do you struggle with hackers who turn your firewall into Swiss cheese and more spam than the per capita consumption of the state of Hawaii?

If so, then you need top-grade computer protection.

At Secure Computing Practices, we can secure your company network against any outside intruders, hackers or spammers.

If you're a high-risk target with sensitive information, we can give you our VIP treatment-you get a discount plus our special patented antivirus software; guaranteed to deliver results!

Just remember, it's not a computer until it's a Secure computer!

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