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SPC-507 is currently ACTIVE.

Any RED NETHER incursions are to be reported to the Command Office immediately, at which point an authorized Marine Fighting Team is to be deployed. All RED NETHER threats are designated an EPSILON-GREEN priority, escalating to OMEGA-GREEN during a mating scenario.

The final resting place of MFT SCYLLA, marked by a trans-dimensional beacon, is located in pocket universe NOIR ZENITH. Centre Pugilists may pay their respects to MFT SCYLLA in NOIR ZENITH but are to remain vigilant of local Selachian attacks.

MFT CHARYBDIS exists to deter the Selachian threat known as WHITE NETHER.

Project #: SPC-507

Selachian Pugnātorial Capabilities: SPC-507 is an ongoing pugilistic operation against Extra-Universal Selachian threats.1 RED NETHER have begun widespread attacks in nearby universes and can be deterred with state-of-the-art pugilism. Additionally, MFT CHARYBDIS has undergone enhancement to locate and pummel WHITE NETHER.

While off-duty, MFT CHARYBDIS is stationed in Kydonia, the Kingdom of Mycenae, in an underwater geodesic dome code-named BRINE MONASTERIUM.

Project Component(s): SPC-507 is a pugilistic operation co-developed by the Centre, Poseidon Labs, and the Liberated Cetacean Union (LCU). SPC-507 is adapted for locating, tracking down, and administering specialized pugilism to active Extra-Universal Selachian threats.

RED NETHER refers to Extra-Universal Selachian Entities that act as heralds of the Mistaken Beast's arrival. RED NETHER manifest in universes untainted by the Selachian threat. RED NETHER Entities were referenced in ancient Sharkicist manuscripts pilfered on October 31, 1939, during the Seventh Deviant Crusade, and were first sighted in combat on February 9, 1999. Sharkics refer to RED NETHER in their holy scriptures as "angels" and "acolytes", while Centre Pugilists describe them as "demonic", "passive-aggressive", and even "sassy". RED NETHER are known for sexually aggressive exhibitionist mating attacks, which are capable of causing lightning storms, even in the vacuum of space.

WHITE NETHER refers to a singular Extra-Universal Selachian Entity with the capacity to travel between universes. All Centre Pugilists encountering WHITE NETHER have become Missing in Pugnātion. All WHITE NETHER reports allege of its "realityvoric" tendencies: WHITE NETHER consumes copious amounts of matter during its hunts. Whether this is for survival, sport, or sexually explicit purposes is unknown. WHITE NETHER's ultimate goal has not been determined, as all attempts at communication with the entity have resulted in summary digestion.

Augmentation Summary: The following is a list of SPC-507's sub-components:

Sub-component Function
Fractal Acclimator for Spatial Heuristics (FASH) A device capable of scanning for Selachian threats in nearby universes.
Tyson Ontic Pugnātor (TOP) A Deviant technology device capable of opening portals between different universes by "punching" through the dimensional barrier.
CERULEAN EXPANSE Deviant-Type Cetacean Entities allied with the Centre. These entities are trained in pugilism and are natural enemies of Selachians.
Marine Fighting Team CHARYBDIS2 A special forces unit outfitted with biochemical and cybernetic enhancements.

FASH and TOP possess no capacity to engage in pugilism with Selachian Entities, except when adapted for use in MFT CHARYBDIS operations.

Dr Mike Tyson, PhD, developed the experimental Tyson Ontic Pugnātor (TOP) as the first Centre technology with Extra-Universal capabilities.

On June 8, 2008, the Fathometric Acclimator for Subnautical Heuristics3 (a FASH prototype) was proposed by the Global Organization of Countries as a rebuttal to the Abyssal Sharkicist government's ban on all deep-sea study. Since humans have only explored 5% of the Earth's oceans, we lack knowledge of potential Deviant threats lurking beneath the surface of two-thirds of the planet. The GOC requisitioned Poseidon Labs to develop this long-range scanning technology to discover seaborne Deviant threats while still on land.

On October 28, 2013, the Centre acquired FASH, and with the help of Poseidon Labs, developed an update to the proprietary FASH software to focus on Selachian Entities (Project BASH THE FASH). Poseidon Labs adapted State-of-the-art Extra-Universal technologies for use in SPC-507, granting it the ability to detect Selachian threats in the nearest 200 universes.

Enhancement Summary: CERULEAN EXPANSE (Supramagnum musculus atlanto) is a species of Deviant-Type Cetacean Entities that once rivalled the Megalodon (Carcharocles megalodon). CERULEAN EXPANSE are the largest Cetacean Entities on Earth and are capable of atmospheric and exospheric flight via 12 natural ramjet sphincters on the undersides of their bodies. The LCU has granted the Centre express permission to use CERULEAN EXPANSE in SPC-507.

The Centre has selected a single CERULEAN EXPANSE specimen, "Gægr Kemdulnim the Deep One". Gægr measures 45 m in length and weighs over 180,000 kg. Gægr has been outfitted with an internal cargo bay to transport a single Marine Fighting Team, their supplies, and a set of Fish Stick-class cryonic units, as well as subdermal implants to produce internal oxygen. Gægr has been grafted with an additional propulsion system in the form of an unobtanium power extractor, granting him flight speeds of up to Mach 12 (14,800 km/h). Gægr is a veteran Cetacean pugilist trained in the esoteric pugilistic art of Yzylvin Xa, having served in the Seventh Deviant Crusade. Gægr is fluent in Whalish, English, Sharkish, and the Cetacean song-language "Balooga".

MFT CHARYBDIS is a team of Centre frogmen4 enhanced with mimetic magnesium-titanium bone implants and muscular grafts extracted from Deviant-Type Selachian entites part of SPC-2000. After the loss of MFT SCYLLA, MFT CHARYBDIS was given further implants in the form of epinephrine emitters that yield a 200% increase in adrenal gland activity during high-stress scenarios.

MFT CHARYBDIS utilizes the prototype NEUROKNOCK powered armour, which consists of a high-durability vacuum-sealed tungsten carbide exoskeleton capable of enhancing pugilistic force by a factor of 3. NEUROKNOCK is outfitted with a 12-hour oxygen scrubber and rebreather, heating and cooling systems, a digital radio transmitter, and a Selachian identification HUD. NEUROKNOCK is powered with a miniaturized unobtanium power extractor, which fuels a back-mounted rocket pack for each set of armour.

Deployment Record:

Marine Fighting Team Mission Logs

Tour of Duty: April 5, 2018 – August 2, 2018

Team: Marine Fighting Team CHARYBDIS

Subject: SPC-507

Team Lead: C-1 Quinn Griffith (Captain)

Team Members:

  • C-0 Gægr Kemdulnim the Deep One (Transportation Agent)
  • C-2 Jaedan Traviss (Stealth Pugilist)
  • C-3 Leah Řezník (Parapugilist)
  • C-4 Haruki Nakahara (Tech Specialist)

Context: The following is a list of notable SPC-507 project deployments. Deployment records use the following format: Mission Number, Universe Designation, Case(s) of Interest, and Commentary.

Mission Number: 1

Universe Designation: Prime Universe

Case(s) of Interest: Coharminous Pelagic Society (CPS)

Commentary: MFT CHARYBDIS' first call to action was a RED NETHER Entity sighting in the Oceanic country of New South Wales. MFT CHARYBDIS searched the area for 2 hours before determining that the entity had fled. Before leaving the area, MFT CHARYBDIS came across a Baseline-Type Selachian Entity at a nearby public beach and attempted to communicate.

<Begin Log>

C-1 Quinn: Oh, oh yeah, right there — a bogey at the beach!

C-2 Jaedan: Our bogey isn't anywhere to be seen, Quinn. Why aren't we on our way back to base right now?

C-1 Quinn: Not on my mark, C-2. C-3, approach the bogey with elevated caution.

C-3 Leah: Aye, sir!

[C-3 approaches the Selachian and engages in pugilism. C-3 lands 4 strikes in quick succession before the Entity vocalizes.]

Unknown Selachian Entity: Oi, lassie, anyone ever taught you some kindness? My teeth may be sharp but I'm the roundest fella this side of 'Oz. Y'all are a bunch of them boxers, ain't ya?

C-1 Quinn: Unknown Deviant phenotype. This Selachian is capable of emitting human vocalizations! C-3, engage harder!

Unknown Selachian Entity: Come now, lass, yer not willin' to talk this up like an adult?

C-3 Leah: Sorry, Sammie, it's punting protocol. Listen, since you've almost reached your clobbering quota, how's about I get one more jab in and then we can both be on our way?

C-2 Jaedan: Dammit, Leah, just bash the freak before it–

Unknown Selachian Entity: Watch yer words, buck. The Coharminous Pelagic Society won't stand for yer tone.

C-1 Quinn: [C-1 approaches the Selachian.] What are you trying to say? Are you not the only Deviant-Type around here? Are we being ambushed?

Unknown Selachian Entity: If ya wanna get technical, my pal Larry just a few klicks downstream got his fins on a pair of the ol' [REDACTED].5 Me? I'm a pacifish, safe as bait.

C-2 Jaedan: [Muttering.] Yeah? Well, I'm not afraid to pass a fist, if you catch my drift.

C-1 Quinn: Hold on, C-2. [To the Selachian.] You wouldn't happen to have anything to do with that RED NETHER Entity spotted here a few hours ago, would you?

Unknown Selachian Entity: What? Oh, yer confusin' me with one of them slimy degenerates! That's it, I'm outta here! [The Selachian swims away before further pugilism can occur.]

<End Log>

Mission Number: 13

Universe Designation: Tri-Kaa

Case(s) of Interest: RED NETHER

Commentary: MFT CHARYBDIS' FASH device informed them of a RED NETHER incursion nearby universe designated Tri-Kaa. The Selachian, a Great Hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran), measured 4 meters in length. Upon arriving, MFT CHARYBDIS entered orbit around an Earth-sized planet covered with 99% water. CHARYBDIS detected the Entity 8,000 km away in geosynchronous orbit.

<Begin Log>

C-0 Gægr: [In the middle of song.] RED NETHER is nigh, too close for comfort. Space dust, fleeting, in front and in the way. Assemble, my cohorts, and we'll make this Selachian pay!

C-3 Leah: Oh, Gægr, that was your most beautiful song yet! Okay, boss, what are the orders?

C-1 Quinn: Right, team. We're gonna exit C-0 in approximately 30 seconds. C-4, you take flank. I need you to determine the best way to engage with the enemy. C-2, take point. C-3, I want you to watch C-2's back. We good, team?

C-3 Leah: Aye, aye, captain!

C-4 Haruki: Ready to engage, sir.

C-2 Jaedan: [Grumbling.] On it.

[MFT CHARYBDIS exits C-0 and travels 500 meters to the Selachian's position, dodging orbital detritus. C-4 makes a wide sweep and views the Selachian from a distance.]

C-4 Haruki: The Selachian is taking defensive measures and is rotated axially, 46 degrees downward. I suggest Advanced Pugilistic Technique-63, 11th Edition update. You know what that means.

C-2 Jaedan: We'll handle it. Leah, grab my hand, I'm going to swing you upwards and you're going to punt that Deviant straight in the snout.

C-3 Leah: Are you sure about this, Ruki? Technique-63 is to be used explicitly in situations of panic or extreme adversity, and there's not much evidence it works unless it's a critical hit. Ruki-chan's been watching Shark Month lately, huh Jae?

C-2 Jaedan: [Laughing.]

C-4 Haruki: It's not up for discussion, Leah, the Selachian's about to attack!

[C-2 takes C-3's hand and swings her upwards in the direction of the Selachian, using his rocket pack to launch her at a high speed. C-3 is about to make contact when the Selachian banks left, causing her to sail into the distance. The Selachian emits radio signals at a low frequency, which have been translated after the mission.]


C-2 Jaedan: This freak does not look pretty! Leah, keep your distance, I'm performing Technique-21.

[C-2 propels himself toward the Selachian at 115 km/h, performing a pugilistic technique at the base of the Selachian's skull.]


[The Selachian begins to attack by biting down on the leg of C-2's armour but is unsuccessful. In the next 3 minutes, C-2 lands 124 attacks. The Selachian goes unconscious.]

C-1 Quinn: Job's done, team. Head back to C-0. Now, this is against regulation, but why don't we explore that planet down there and see what we can eat? Maybe sea cows aren't extinct on this world.

<End Log>

Mission Number: 54

Universe Designation: Penta-Waxaklahun

Case(s) of Interest: Bee Obliteration Registry "K" (BORK)

Commentary: MFT CHARYBDIS is alerted to a RED NETHER attack in Universe Penta-Waxaklahun. MFT deploys to a city on a small terrestrial planet inhabited by humanoid entities. After pugilising the Selachian into submission, the humanoids celebrate, thanking MFT CHARYBDIS for their help.

<Begin Log>

[Recording takes place between C-1 and the leader of this particular group of humanoids.]

C-1 Quinn: So, you're saying that your men… Swat bees? How could someone hate bees?

Humanoid Leader: I strongly urge that you police your speech around my citizens. I do not wish to cause an incident. And it is not merely that the Registry prostrates itself to "swat" bees. My, phrasing on a level this unsophisticated is nearly as problematic as the false thoughts about bee-kind you have been indoctrinated to oviposit so effortlessly.

C-1 Quinn: Don't talk down to me, boy, unless you want to spar with me instead. And about this bee situation — I've smelt your air, your people haven't had a flower bloom in decades!

Humanoid Leader: Bees pose a serious existential threat, one that will halt all other life in wide swaths with just a passing glance. Bees are a repulsive abomination, most repellent, and we are to obliterate them all, no matter the cost. The Apiarchy takes no prisoners, not even you or I, soldier. I assure you, this work is commanded by the Heavens. And we are doing excellent work.

C-1 Quinn: I think we're done here.

[Meanwhile, nearby, C4-Haruki consumes an unknown beverage.]

C-4 Haruki: This is great! What is it?

Unknown Humanoid: This brew, most tantalizing, was extracted from a pod of the finest powdered seed we have, staled for the ages to produce maximum bitterness.

C-4 Haruki: So it's just coffee? Oh. [Takes another sip.] You wouldn't happen to have any honey, would you? I like my coffee a little sweet.

Unknown Humanoid: How dare you utter words tainted by the Striped Yellow Fiend? Guards, arrest this enchantress and her accomplices at once!

C-1 Quinn: C-4, what did you do?! Quick, rendezvous with C-0 and let's get the hell out of here!

<End Log>

Mission Number: 57

Universe Designation: Proto-Mih

Case(s) of Interest: WHITE NETHER

Commentary: The following is a transcript of MFT CHARYBDIS' final recorded mission. On August 2nd, 2018 at 7:51 AM, the team's FASH device detected a WHITE NETHER incursion in Universe Proto-Mih: the HQ of the "SCP Foundation".

<Begin Log, 7:51 AM>

«0:00:00» [MFT CHARYBDIS emerges 400 km above a planet with striking similarities to Earth. WHITE NETHER takes the form of a Great White Selachian (Carcharodon carcharias) and is spotted consuming a passing satellite.]

«0:29:47» [After consuming its meal, WHITE NETHER begins to descend into the atmosphere below. C-0 activates his unobtanium engine and follows the Entity.]

«01:51:55» [WHITE NETHER is followed to what appears to be this Earth's version of Olde York City.]

«01:57:08» [The Statue of Liberty taking an Avian form can be seen, with a placard denoting that it is the "Statue of Libirdty". WHITE NETHER begins to consume the monument.]

C-1 Quinn: You Deviant maniac, you're destroying the Statue of Libirdty! Damn you to the depths!

«02:00:23» [C-0 moves towards WHITE NETHER at a high speed. WHITE NETHER attempts to dodge the attack, knocking debris from the statue, which rains down onto spectators below. The spectators emit birdlike vocalizations as they flee.]

«02:01:16» [C-0 readies for a second attack and attempts to pummel WHITE NETHER head-on. WHITE NETHER retaliates by spinning its body around, using its tail to knock C-0 into the waters below.]

«02:01:58» [WHITE NETHER dives into the water. C-0 bites WHITE NETHER's tail. In the ensuing panic, WHITE NETHER exits the water with C-0's mouth still enveloping the tail.]

«02:05:18» [WHITE NETHER pulls C-0 into the city of Manhattan, reaching 200 km/h. C-0 continues to bite the tail. WHITE NETHER skims many skyscrapers, causing C-0 to destroy buildings and monuments across the city. WHITE NETHER travels towards the Riverside Church in Upper Manhattan. C-0 opens his jaw, releasing WHITE NETHER, and both C-0 and WHITE NETHER smash into the church at 150 km/h. The church's large bell falls onto WHITE NETHER, immobilizing it.]

«02:09:36» [After recuperating from the impact, C-0 engages in pugilistic retaliation, swinging his pectoral fins into WHITE NETHER with extreme force. C-0 lands 15 blows before WHITE NETHER bites down on C-0's left pectoral fin, bisecting and consuming it. In a panicked state, C-0 pushes WHITE NETHER through the church, smashing a hole in a stucco wall. The two exit through the other side of the church and fall into the street.]

«02:10:31» [C-0 bites WHITE NETHER's tail once more and attempts to consume it. WHITE NETHER vocalizes in pain. WHITE NETHER's tail is decimated from the caudal keel beyond. WHITE NETHER turns bright red. MFT CHARYBDIS argues about what could be happening.]

C-2 Jaedan: Uh oh, it's starting a rage state!

C-4 Haruki: That's not a thing!

C-2 Jaedan: It is absolutely a thing, I'm 110% positive.

C-4 Haruki: You can't be more than 100% positive, you bottom feeder.

C-1 Quinn: C-2 and C-4, cease. C-0, get us out of here!

«02:12:44» [C-0 attempts to escape. WHITE NETHER bites C-0's tail, preventing an exit. In an attempt to reduce further attacks, C-0 uses the unobtanium power extractor in an offensive manner, decimating WHITE NETHERS's 2nd dorsal fin. WHITE NETHER thrashes C-0, causing the unobtanium engine to malfunction, knocking C-0 into a nearby building.]

«02:13:49» [The engine undergoes a destabilization. The engine blasts superheated unobtanium onto WHITE NETHER. In an attempt to escape, WHITE NETHER smashes the building into rubble before de-manifesting. The transmission ends, suggesting a total engine meltdown.]

<End Log>

As of August 2, 2018, at 10:01 AM, the Command Office has declared MFT CHARYBDIS Killed in Pugnātion. SPC-507 has been placed on HIATUS.

The following is ORACLE/507/OMEGA-BLACK Restricted



The following audio was received by the Centre on August 9, 2018, approximately 1 week after the loss of communication with MFT CHARYBDIS. The full context of this log cannot be determined.

<Begin Log>

First Avian Entity: Now that you're willing to comply, let's–

C-1 Quinn: Where are your captors?

First Avian Entity: What?

C-1 Quinn: You know, your humans.

First Avian Entity: What do you mean? We don't… Have humans, what are you–

Second Avian Entity: It's okay, Quibba, I understand what he's getting at. Why don't I tell him what's going on? He may be a fiend–

C-1 Quinn: Hey!

Second Avian Entity: –but given the circumstances, even he could become an effective ally.

First Avian Entity: Go.

Second Avian Entity: A few months ago, humanity was faced with a dubious threat while remaining most unequipped to combat it. Their threat, an innocent memetic agent, proved to be quite insidious over time, affecting large swaths of the population to no end.

Second Avian Entity: A memetic hazard turned worldwide pandemic with most confusing effects: parents began to feed worms to their children; human languages were abolished, replaced with calls and songs; entire population centres migrated hundreds of kilometres elsewhere, never to return to their homes. I think some humans even tried to fly; you can imagine how that went. Those are but a few examples in this vast predicament. A predicament that now affects all of humanity.

Second Avian Entity: It was as if one unruly God discarded all that defines humanity and tried to fit something primitive, dare I say birdlike, in that newly emptied void. There was initially no suffering, but since civilization is suited for man-kind and not bird-kind, all societal norms quickly deteriorated, and the world as it was known ceased to be. Even the mighty Foundation was forever changed. As such, there is no longer such thing as a "human".

Second Avian Entity: My team and I operate in some of the only minute pockets of normalcy that remain, alongside a few other untainted resources. It is tough work, but it is our duty. And I fear this is only the beginning of our hardships.

C-1 Quinn: I don't get it.

Second Avian Entity: You could never hope to. Speaking of which, who are you? We did not detect the proto-Avian meme complex within you. Only an experienced thaumaturge — perhaps even a powerful Type-Green, Medila forbid! — could resist such a memetic threat. Tell me, what manipulation has Thoth attempted this time?

C-1 Quinn: I'm not from around here. My team is part of an organization known as the Centre.

First Avian Entity: The Centre? Are you those shark-punching–

C-1 Quinn: How many times must a man explain himself? It's Selachian P–

First Avian Entity: Do not interrupt me again. Explain to me how you will pay for your crimes, thaumaturge!

C-1 Quinn: Listen, I'm no wizard. I'm a Pugilist. And, what do you mean by "crimes"? Are you telling me you didn't see the massive Great White attack? We saved the city!

Second Avian Entity: Quibba makes a good point. Cease your nonsense or you will find this conversation very difficult. Are you willing to co-operate with us or not?

C-1 Quinn: [C-1 pauses.] Actually, yeah, I am. Now, what did you guys say you were? Pelican birds?

Second Avian Entity: We are members of the Avian Division's Mobile Task Force-Eta-4, codenamed "Begone Thoth". I am Keshrayuth, leader of this unit.

C-1 Quinn: Right, about that. Where I'm from, we used birds[A] like you to fight Selachians. If you're willing to supply some muscle for our war, we will help you fight yours. That means full co-operation on both sides. Deal?

Second Avian Entity: Deal.

<End Log>

[A] This is a reference to GALLINACEOUS STRIFE, a two-phase project developed during the Seventh Deviant Crusade by the proto-Centre organization known as "The Union of American States' Center for Institutionalised Impacting (UASCII)". GALLINACEOUS STRIFE was dedicated to the use of Avian Entities to neutralize Selachian Entities, as some Avian phenotypes are known predators of Selachians.

Phase One: Phase One utilized Deviant-Type Avian Entities, such as the LIMP FIREBIRD, to engage in the sport of cockfighting with Selachian Entities. Phase One was dissolved following an extensive investigation into the project's unlawful and unethical violation of Avian rights.

Phase Two: Phase Two involved the creation of a dense Avian meme complex (codenamed GAUSS KESTREL) to neutralize Selachian Entities. Since no actual Avians were being manipulated, no Avian rights could be violated. GAUSS KESTREL was dissolved when the Avian meme complex was lost to unknown Extra-Universal forces. As a result, GALLINACEOUS STRIFE remains on HIATUS to this day.

No further transmissions on the current whereabouts of MFT CHARYBDIS have been received. CICAPOCO is searching for a new Marine Fighting Team to replace MFT CHARYBDIS.

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