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Name: J1-13 (Henrik Sturmatem)

Position: Janitor Overseer Council

Background: Nobody is quite sure when J1-13 first started working for the Foundation, with some rumoring that he's been around longer than the Administrator. These personnel are, of course, reminded that the Administrator doesn't actually exist and that J1-13 likely started working before the Great RAISA Fire of '94, which destroyed almost all records of Level 0 staff.

J1-13 has served without major distinction as a Foundation janitor, cleaning a large collection of random anomalies. J1-13 has shown the marked ability to not die after at least twenty years working with the Foundation, having been involved in ███ containment breaches, the majority of which involved him cowering under a table and repeatedly muttering "I went to law school for this?"

As a result of having been employed by the Foundation for an exceptionally long period of time for a janitor, Henrik Sturmatem was promoted to the J1 Council as J1-13, giving him full Level 1 Clearance.1 This does not absolve him of any cleaning duties.

Objects Cleaned:


There wasn't even anything for me to clean here - National Parks are pretty good about keeping out trash and litter, and the containment crew got mad at me when I tried to clean up the log itself. Something about it potentially having the ability to release a dead god.


This guy was pretty chill, to be honest. It was weird how he kept changing his anomaly, teleporting between rooms and forgetting who I was, but it was nice how I finally got to interact with a humanoid that wasn't trying to kill me.


I just cleaned up some trash off the beach here, it was pretty relaxing. They got mad when I wanted to go swimming though, which is a total bummer.


They sent me into apply a fresh coat of paint to the door. I almost opened it because the voice on the other side said he'd given me dollar if I did, but then I read that sticky note and decided not too. Probably should have done it anyway, it would have doubled my salary for that week.


I was sent in to clean one of the new Mark II CSDs one day and only ended up triggering it. Dr. Yolas was really mad, but what was she expecting when she sent me in to clean something like that? How was I not supposed to set off every single mechanism simultaneously?


They made me rebuild Site-03.
By myself.


I got put on pool cleaning duty for these dolphins. One of the ones in the tank kept trying to convert me to communism in Auslan, which was really weird. I considered it, though.


This will have been cleaned by me, at an indeterminate date in the future when after it has been constructed.


I get to clean this every four years, whenever the new president is elected. Once I even got to see the President from the down the hall. He looked insulted at my presence.


The psychopomp responsible for this doesn't actually like it when I clean their tombstones for them. They even slapped me for it once and told me to stop, so know I just this as my lunch break.


Once when I was cleaning here, a shadow kept trying to sell me a Library card. Little did he know I've been a member of the Hand for years. His mom got pissed about it when I snitched to her.


I had to scrape the guys body off the street when he died. Remember: divine hubris never works out well.

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