Tag Guide

What is a tag, and what are they used for?

A tag is a keyword we apply to a page on this wiki. This keyword allows you to find all pages with similar elements. You can use the tag search page to combine multiple tags and find articles tagged (for example) euclid and humanoid, or automaton, keter, and broken-god, or you can click on a tag you see on a page to get a list of all pages tagged with that specific tag. Which brings us to…

Where are these tags?

Go to the bottom of any page on the wiki. You'll see small divider bar and below that a list of words in a smaller red typeface. Those are tags. You can click on them to get to a list of things tagged with that tag. If you're not seeing any, we haven't gotten round to applying them.

What tags are there?

Extensive lists are available, along with when to apply them and when not to. Sometimes tags overlap, or supercede other tags, so it's something that needs a bit of thought put into it. Speaking of which…

How do I tag a page?

You don't have to. Our technical team and selected users will tag any article that's created. If you'd like to try your hand at tagging an article that doesn't have any yet, read the tag guide thoroughly and send off a PM to Crayne with your suggestions. If he gives you the go-ahead, feel free to apply them to the article.

I have an idea for a tag!

Once enough articles cover a certain subject, a tag might be needed to index these pages. If you have an idea for a tag, send a PM to Crayne with a list of the pages you feel should get this new tag, and the reasoning behind the tag. You don't have to be a staff member to do this, anyone is free to contribute.

When I edit the tags for my tale, there's a strange tag with an underscore?

That's right. Tags prefixed with an underscore are hidden tags. We use a small bit of CSS in the site theme to literally hide them from view. They're used to index your tale for the tales hubs. Don't delete them, or your tale won't show up in the listings.

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