Tales from the Other Side: Leave and Let Die
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Incident Report ████-25:

On █/██/████, Foundation-operated bot I/O-████ located an incomplete digital copy of "Tales from the Other Side, March 11th, ████", a pulp magazine containing various short stories, on the digital catalog ████ ███████. Prior to the enactment of standard Foundation media alteration protocol 912-A "TWILIGHT ZONE", 17 relevant files were recovered.

The following is an excerpt entitled "Noir".

Leave and Let Die
by ██████


It was midnight when Noir was forgotten. Noir's face was hidden behind a veil of smoke, topped by a fedora in the dim streetlight, yet, anyone who ever saw him could recall his narrow, faded gaze; there was something unsettling about him, although one could not quite tell what. Noir lived by a particular set of rules, that one might consider peculiar if it weren’t for his condition.

Rule number one: don't get close. No one knew who his friends were, if they knew him at all. Noir was a shadow, by obligation and not by choice. Anyone searching for him by light of the day would not find him. All he had to remember anyone by was a photo of a young man with friendly, lucid eyes, topped by a fedora in the bright daylight, and the only person the young man would ever know. One of them was a passing memory, like smoke in the wind.

Rule number two: don’t tempt fate. Men like him could not afford the luxuries of carelessness, and death would not be the only price he would pay. But he was already lost; if he had any concern for living he would wash the red from his trenchcoat. No matter; it could never be stained again.

Rule number three: don’t tell. That one never mattered. Those who knew already forgot, and those who didn’t will. He accepted his fate. Like the sun at twilight, he let himself fade.

Noir checked his wristwatch. It was eleven fifty-nine, and the end was nigh. “You’re going to forget me as I die, aren’t you?.” Noir laughed. Echoes in the night, silence in response.

“Do it already. Leave and let die, %%name%%.”

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