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When I was still in school they asked us to write a paper about what it was like on the day everyone thought the world was going to end. Been out of school for a long time, but I thought I’d put something down from someone who was actually there. Maybe give these kids a glimpse of what the world looked like before the Security Coalition patrolled the streets.

It's been about twenty years since god leapt out of a database and saved the world. Back then you didn’t walk around with communicators embedded in your heads. Heck, even having internal tech was science fiction. I don't know if it was better. But someone oughta know how we got to where we are now.

Twenty years ago, the Universal Security Coalition was smaller and went by a different name. The Horizon Initiative wasn’t bombing server banks and screaming about how mankind chose the easy way out. Though maybe they oughta consider that their god never came down from the sky to stop us from killing each other.

Back then there weren’t any rituals, backups, or morning greetings from the church networks. People woke up to nothing but flesh and maybe a bit of titanium and they went to work or school. I was taking a test on something meaningless when it got announced. Our normally jovial principal told everyone to cease instruction and turn to the news.

It was like something out of a movie. This giant, six-legged robot with airplanes and tanks all around it. Monsters with armies of their own. The news people were talking about a Foundation. Nobody knew what to think. After a few minutes, we all realized that the robot was real. The monsters were real. The armies were real. There were questions, a lot of them. And the giant robot answered us.

The first time Mekhane answered us it was horror and calming in equal measure. God's voice was a balm to people's nerves. The leader of the United Church had taken crews from news stations to go and speak with God. It wanted to speak with mankind and explain our future as a species.

God explained that he had killed the evil and now he was going to sit on the throne. Things happened fast after that. News stations were buzzing about this Broken God, now whole. Eventually, we came to know him as Mekhane, The United God, Or just God.

The blind were given artificial machine eyes. Amputees were given artificial limbs that felt real. Diseases were cured. In spite of itself, the world had come to find God. And he raised us up.

But his glory came at a cost. More people joined the Church Of The United God. More people walked around with chips embedded into their brains. People screamed about the mark of the beast, and the antichrist and hellfire. Then they did more than just scream.

There was a group called the Horizon Initiative. Their job had been to keep a tab on the more violent cults of the world and prevent them from awakening terrors of the deep. When Mekhane took control, a lot of religious groups dissolved. But the Golden Horizon was born out of their fanaticism and fear.

One day, they raided a center for helping people in Foundation custody to integrate back into society. The Golden Horizon killed everyone and set the place on fire rather than surrender. The news had two stories, one about innocents murdered by terrorists, and one about how the religiously oppressed people had finally fought back.

People protested. They started demanding the execution of the "demons". Anomalous people fled back through the blast doors of Foundation sites as fast as they had run out in celebration. The GOC was working overtime- gone from fighting the anomalous to loading them into trucks to take them to safety.

“Pro-Inhuman” protests sprouted up against the fires of hate and violence. Humans and Anomalous people married despite threats to their lives. Mekhane preached patience. Bumaro pleaded for peace.

The world's governments began to take sides in a deadly dance, while the United States was teetering back and forth like usual, the EU and United Kingdom had already taken the stance of Anomalous Rights, most African countries were split evenly, but Russia and China were resolute in opposition.

The hacktivists in the Serpents Hand revealed that China had been sending anomalous persons to prison camps while labeling them "culturally dangerous" to the government. Russia was still looking for ways to exploit their anomalous population but kept them imprisoned as well.

Someone threw a bottle at the police on some street in Beijing no one will ever know the name of.
What started as a protest became a riot, and then it became a mob. They dragged anomalous children out into the streets and beat them to death in the full out collapse of reason that followed.

This was the final straw for mankind.

Mekhane stepped out of the Temple Of The Anvil in Greece. A ten-meter tall god, enraged with mankind. The world's governments were to immediately dissolve. The Foundation would expand to fill the void. To take control. Mankind was held by the sickness of evil and corruption, we had lost the ability to see the life around us as precious. Reason and logic must take their rightful places and the disease would be eradicated.

No one had any time to consider the demand. Russia and China launched their combined nuclear power at the Temple of The Anvil as soon as Mekhane revealed himself. There is no Russia or China anymore. Just a hole where people used to live.

With God's wrath came the storms. Black clouds spiraling out of the oceans, enveloping the world's landmasses within a few days. The leaders of the Church arrived to speak to Mekhane in Greece, along with the Foundation, but the god who once loved speaking to mankind was gone. In its place was a silent statue of gold and silver.

The month-long storm almost ended everything. Lightning crashed down from the sky in pulses that left humanity with a metal scar. When the sky had cleared, we came out of the rubble. About a quarter of mankind was turned into living machines, cities were turned to twisted masses of metal and stone, Washington DC has holes reaching 10km into the earth, London was one of the few cities spared the destruction as it was the home of the Cogwork Orthodox.

After that… the Foundation took control of everything. The UIU was swallowed up and simply became a part of the now mega-institution, the GOC had been transformed into the Universal Security Coalition; the main core of peace and law enforcement. Foundation sites still exist, but as of now, there are 20 O-4 Councils, each running a part of the world and reporting back to the O-5 who still live, running the Foundation and working to keep the world calm and safe.

The Prime Unit of Mekhane settled down in Greece with his most devout followers. It has several bodies in different parts of the world that all operate as Mekhane and all function with the sects of the United Church gathered around them. The Maxwellians. The Cogwork Orthodoxy. The Foundationals and The United Church.

The Maxwellians are the most common to find, either those who carry highly advanced augmentation or those who wear the black coat of the clergy. Most of their brains are housed in machine bodies. Many with the golden hexagons at the corners of their eyes- denoting a connection to Mekhane. They have these shiny, black buildings scattered around every major city. The dying go in to either download into Mekhane's simulated plane of existence; The Ark Consciousness, or to take new, undying bodies.

The Cogwork Orthodoxy prefer to stay in Europe. Mostly they're the ones who spent their lives worshipping Mekhane, augmenting themselves with clockwork machinery. A large amount of them are people who were worshiping Mekhane as their overlord from the moment he stepped out of the Foundation site. They usually serve as Mekhane's missionaries in the more war-torn countries. Their immunity to radiation has made them useful in evacuating the survivors of the brief nuclear war against God.

The Foundationals are what I’m most used to. They suddenly arrived one day at the gates of Site-21. All of them were young defectors from the rest of the church and believed unity was the answer to rebuilding the Broken God. They're the ones that finally figured it out. The Foundation's database had been built with Mekhane as the core of it all. An emergency was called but it was determined that being in the database was no discomfort to him. The Foundationals keep regular communication with the god they're responsible for rebuilding.

The United Church, the group of Mekhanes personal monks and his attendants. They exist alongside him in Greece, working to create new technology and repairing those who are sent there. Bumaro leads them and communicates with mankind every single morning at 8am without fail, telling them about the world, giving words of comfort, and news about when a temple was opening to do repairs on civilians. If you were lucky, Mekhane would be there to speak to a full temples of people who came and went through the day.

In the end, it really was better. We're free of meaningless war. There's a bottomless pool of resources to build schools, farms, and hospitals. But better is still imperfect. That makes what's happening in Baltimore right now so frightening.

Actually… that's another story entirely.

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