The Bread Box
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The following documents were discovered within the SCP Database on 04/25/18. Only select portions of documentation have been verified, with the only entirely verified document being Dr. Bannock's Personnel File. All other information should be disregarded until verified.

Name: Randall Bannock

Date of Birth: 04/23/██

Security Clearance: 2

Personnel Classification: C

Position: General researcher

Location: Site-34, Site-73

Information: Randall Bannock is a pale American male with long red hair. He has shown proficiency in baking and will gift other employees baked goods on occasion. He refuses to put his hair in a bun because it "goes against his morals."

History: Originally recruited in 200█ for his knowledge and study of thaumaturgic properties, Randall Bannock was recruited by the Foundation as an Assistant Researcher working with SCP-4088. In 200█, Randall Bannock was then transferred to the Site-73 Scientific Department to assist in developing the containment procedures of several anomalous objects, where he was later assigned as a Junior Researcher. After assisting with the SCP-████ project, Randall Bannock was then tasked with aiding in the containment of SCP-3462 due to its unusual properties, which resulted in his promotion to General Researcher in 201█.

Since this, Randall Bannock is often seen assisting in the containment and testing of various anomalies within Site-34.

Profile: Randall Bannock is generally known for his upbeat attitude and fondness for testing. As such, he can often be found in the experiment logs of various SCPs. His gravitation towards testing has resulted in his assignment to particularly unusual anomalies. He is often recognizable for his varying levels of humor, low body heat, and knowledge of information with varying levels of value.

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