Dr. Tilda David Moose's Personnel File
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SCP-3500-M smiling at the death of a newborn kitten

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Item #: SCP-3500-M

Object Class: Keter Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3500-M is to be contained within a level-3 ecological containment chamber, with foliage provided based on Nutrition Chart 3500-M-1.

Description: SCP-3500-M is a member of the species Alces alces shirasi, or the North American moose. Although there do not appear to be any physical anomalies surrounding SCP-3500-M, it possesses the peculiar memetic effect of causing subjects who view it to believe it is highly dangerous. Further research is required into this phenomenon.


Dr. Tilda David Moose is not a real moose. She is, however, a real doctor.

Dr. Moose is the Site Director of Site-19. She is also the Acting Site Director of Site-17. She has inherited the positions from a string of previous Directors. It remains to be seen how long she will last in these positions.

Dr. Moose is a relative newcomer compared to others in administration. She possesses an outsized degree of influence given her length of tenure with the organization.

Psychological evaluation states that Dr. Moose is obsessive and prone to anxiety, and recommends a medication regimen.

Also Dr. Tilda D. Moose, Dr. Tilda David, etc.


Dr. Moose is one of the Foundation's primary K-Class scenario researchers. She is notably associated with major incidents regarding SCP-003, SCP-1000, SCP-1985, and the Serpent's Hand.

She has been closely associated with Agent Troy Lament on a number of classified projects, much to Lament's chagrin. Like Lament, she is a protege of Dr. Gears.

Considered possible future risk factor due to former association with the Serpent's Hand, and due to the stresses of her positions.

Dr. Tilda Moose leads General Task Force 3500M.

General Task Force 3500M regularly collaborates with MTF Tau-9 ("Bookworms") on projects relating to the Serpent's Hand, and incorporates all members of disbanded Research Team M03-Gloria (refer to SCP-003 incident reports).

Lead Roster for General Task Force 3500M includes:

  • Dr. Tilda David Moose (Overall Lead)
  • Dr. Alcina Shirasi (Applications Specialist)
  • Dr. ███████ (Anthropologist)
  • Dr. Daniel Eddington Mousle (Zoologist)
  • Dr. Eris Jackson (Ex-Agent)
  • Dr. Adele Jones (Medical Researcher)
  • Dr. Lesley Mause (Deceased)
  • Agent Timothy Rose (Deceased)
  • Agent Rox Walker (Deceased)

Original SCPs

Dr. Moose has primary responsibility for the following projects.

Adopted SCPs (Total Rewrite)

Dr. Moose is overseeing continued research on the following projects.

  • SCP-003 - Biological Motherboard
  • SCP-472 - The Bloodstone

Updated SCPs (Cleanup)

Dr. Moose corrected integral documentation on the following projects.



"Tales of Mr. Collector" (Finished)

Seventh Day — Well, we had to make the world from somewhere. (Forthcoming)

  • Recovered Data File L246 - No further information is available. Currently, Sophia Light is serving as Director of Site-41.

Competitive Eschatology — The many ends of the world are here. (Acts 1 finished. Acts 2, 3, and 4 forthcoming)
Act 1:

The Serpent Sequence — A story about courage. Stars the Serpent's Hand, the Black Queen, SCP-239, and the Foundation.

Resurrection — The story was over. The story has just begun. (Ongoing)
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