The File of an Acid-Junkie College-Flunky Dirty-Puppy Daddy-Bastard
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Subject has been spotted on Brighton beach selling lavender and wildflowers.

Zachary (Maxwell to his friends) does a whole lot of nothing around here.

Sometimes, he writes bizarre fantastic, weird arousing Eldritch pornography.

Other times he writes about what might have been.

He enjoys slipping other staff members into stories about confused drug addicts and oftentimes they don't even realise it.

Recently he wrote a story about how brotherhood is damn hard work, then wrote a poem about The Duvet Queen which he pretended was written by a fictional character to hide the fact that poetry isn't really his thing.

Zachary has only been helpful to the site once when he kinda sorta helped with a crosslink guide.

He's still working on things, and wants to let you know that something big respectably medium-sized is coming soon. He's not working on things right now. At least not in the public eye. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Zachary wrote a character-building exercise that will not make it off the sandbox,
called That One Time Kit Tried To Kill Himself. That name is not fanciful, though the story somewhat is.

Kit recently found himself in hospital, where an unknown entity stalks the dark corridors.

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