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[SCP-3034] [] — The Counting Station

[SCP-3035] [] — Science Bugs
case_of_the_mondays.png, case_of_the_mondays (1).png, case_of_the_mondays (2).png, case_of_the_mondays (3).png

[SCP-3041] [] — The Red Knife
And why do I own a crib?

[SCP-3054] [] — Cragstaff Sanitarium
You are sick. You are broken. We will fix you.

[SCP-3045] [] — bzzip.exe
NOTE: At this point, further testing was discontinued on account of Researcher Xiao-jin's computer inexplicably filling with bees.

[SCP-3043] [] — Murphy Law in... Type 3043 - FOR MURDER!

[SCP-3057] [] — Fossil Fuels
Before being amnesticized, witnesses confirmed that instances of SCP-3057-4 did, in fact, have feathers.

[SCP-2639] [] — Video Game Violence
we are unstoppable nigh-immortal digitized death-gods who have spent 10+ years practice-killing each other in endlessly looped murder-orgies

[SCP-437] [] — Summer of '91
That was a pretty crazy summer, y'know? Sometimes I really miss that place.

[SCP-3079] [] — 300 Tricks: Stage Magic Made Easy
NOTE: No method for accomplishing this trick is provided.

[SCP-2753] [] — Let's Play Jenga!
High art carries high risk!

[SCP-2679] [] — The Many Graves of Jeannette Parslov
Whatever it takes, do what you must; whatever the cost, come back to us.

[SCP-3074] [] — Kafka's Parking Garage
Thank you for choosing Izatova Parking Center. Have a pleasant day.

[SCP-2571] [] — Cragglewood Park
Mr. Blair, have you always been an only child?

[SCP-2419] [] — The Laughing Men
Throw them back into the incinerator where you found them.

[SCP-3143] [] — Murphy Law in... The Foundation Always Rings Twice!
When it comes right down to it, me — them — hell, even you — we're all just characters in that trashy dime-store novel called life.

[SCP-3089] [] — That Old Time Religion
Remember how we explained that successful people don't actually need any of their toes to walk? Well, that's going to come in handy for Secret Number Six.

[SCP-3117] [] — A Monster-Shaped Hole
I'm not talking to you.

[SCP-3128] [] — Let's Play Monopoly!
Hey, guys? I'm, uh. I'm using this.

[SCP-3138] [] — A Sepulcher by the Sea
Should it prove feasible, all non-canonical corpses are to be extracted, examined, and catalogued.

[SCP-3241] [] — The SS Sommerfeld
Have you ever seen a Scranton Reality Anchor go critical? I have. Words like "Biblical" come to mind.

[SCP-3219] [] — This Sour Earth
Notably, no reports describe any attempt to examine the residence's storm cellar.

[SCP-3693] [] — Postscript - Through A Glass, Darkly (with djkaktusdjkaktus)
Further investigation of the site discovered an abundance of crushed concrete debris and twisted rebar, as well as several floor drains clogged with blood and fecal matter.

[SCP-3760] [] — He's got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll's eyes. (with PeppersGhostPeppersGhost)
These aforementioned orifices will repeatedly seek edible material for consumption; this behavior intensifies in the presence of blood, and may even include acts of autocannibalism.

[SCP-001-EX] [] — SCP-001-EX: A Good Boy (with PeppersGhostPeppersGhost)
Analysis of the above formula via paramathematic models theorize that it has neutralized both anomalies via dividing by the common factor (Ursus arctos horribilis, or mainland grizzly bear).


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