The Heart Corner of Doom AKA The Author Page

Hello hello! I am Kara, short for my alias Karakatt!

Often people wonder why I am like this… But then I remember my uncle dropped me on my head when I was 3!

Anyway! I’m here, and I exist? I don’t actually know.

You can probably see a lot of my personality seeping into everything I do, but it's really because I have no filter on these things!

Past that, I enjoy art and music, while I personally play piano, bassoon, and trombone I understand minor mechanics on all instruments.. I write music in my free time, though, I’m not anywhere near professional I’d like to think it sounds good at least a little bit.

As for my art, I prefer doing water color and digital art. What's really funny is that I have literally no patience, and yet I picked up the medium of watercolor. If you didn’t already know, working with water is very time consuming and requires a degree of patience I have not yet unlocked.


The He-ART page of doom.

My Deviant art is fire, and I post pretty much everything I posted on my He-ART Page on there too. My DA is the best fucking thing ever


Dr.Heart taking a selfie in the break room.

"Very violent. Please don’t be near when angry…"


I am not violent! Sure, I may get testy but I’m not violent. Not unless I have to be…

“I am very afraid of her…”


Alright. We’re done with quotes.

I am Kathorien Heart, Ex MTF-Eta-11, and founder of the H.E.A.R.T.S Association.

I have doctorates in both Music Composition and Music Technology, so I am fairly qualified. At least that's what I tell myself.

Anyway! If you wanna read my journal I guess you can. It’s over in “The Hearts Strings” Tab.

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