The Janitor's Closet

You approach a closet on Site-30. A note is posted on the door. It states:

"Heyo. If you're reading this, you have approached a dark and mysterious corner of this facility. You're also about to enter my personal living quarters. Yeah. I live in Site-30's broom closet. What of it? Anyway, if you go in there, you're gonna find a bunch of mops and some papers I found. Those papers are my own business, and I'd rather you not read them. Cool?"

"-Janitor Worth"

You enter the closet to find a bunch of mops, brooms, a bucket or two. One such bucket is on the desk, and a bunch of papers are inside the bucket. On the side of the bucket, it says "Level 1 Clearance Required"

You look in the bucket.

SCP-3270: "So, my aunt spontaneously turned into a cat. I thought that was kinda weird, so I dug through her stuff and I found this. Reported it to the doctors. And then they all turned into cats. I guess it was kinda weird."

SCP-3358: "Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini and I were taking a trip to Washington, when we were chilling with a few reality benders. We were pretty high, and they were going on about this invisible apartment building. I visited it, thought it was cool. But Nicolini ratted them out. Fucking narc."

SCP-3556: "Honestly, fuck this thing. Doctor Beck made me stick this thing on my forehead. And this sticky note starts yelling about how I suck at cleaning. And at that point Beck had to come and get me because I was right about to burn this thing."

SCP-3908: "So, this thing is SCP-3908. I mean, I know that. But the file won't tell me anything else about the thing. Whoever wrote this should probably be fired. They're pretty terrible at their job."

The Bakery Of Magic And Mirth: "This file just keeps changing. It might be magical, but I don't want the doctors to take it. Finders keepers, ya know?"

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