The Last Sunset and the Lone Traveler
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An Eventual Future

The world didn't end with a crunch. The Foundation would have you believe that. The world didn't end with the cold. Everyone just thinks that. The world wasn't enslaved by the demons. The church wants you to guess that. The world didn't end with a boom. Nobody actually thought this did they?

No, instead the world ended with the final sunset. The last bits of light hitting my face. I feel the warmth, the safety and the familiarity. Sadly this must come to an end.

It is a lot cooler in this place. Quite unlike the other worlds I have visited. I sat, absorbing the star's rays as they hit me. I set up a blanket and pulled out my picnic basket and opened it.

Nothing like a Big Mac at the end of the world. How did they make this food taste so good but be so bad? Nobody really knows. Just one of those mysteries that haunts the mind. I sat eating and watching. Time was fleeting. I watched as the sun disappeared over the horizon. I finished my food and Walked to a nearby rogue planet.

Such a shame. I had hoped for an explosion but it seems that it was only a red dwarf. The world's finally gone dark. Actually took way longer than I expected.

"Man I lost another bet." If I keep losing high bets like this I might go broke.

I gathered myself on the rogue planet and Walked away. Leaving the desolate universe and returning back to the Great Hall. Nobody there really know who I am, what I'm doing or even how I got there. I just sit around, watching and listening. Sometimes I make bets on possible futures. Ok maybe most of the time. Maybe all the time. Maybe I'm broke from the bets.

"I mean hey, why let a little financial struggle take down a reality bender?"

You know what's weird? How they have a 'currency' yet the more powerful benders can just inflate it to unbelievable levels, though I doubt that they care much for economic instability. They're all too focused on the Game. Can I blame them? No, the Game is far more interesting than causing economic instability among entities capable of altering reality.

Everything done here, all the Games. Every move, every thought, is a possible future or affecting the current timeline. The Great Hall is like the construction workers, building the future. Every time a move is made, something small can happen. A leaf falls off a branch. But, the higher you go up in the chain, the deeper you delve into the Game, bigger things happen from the simplest move.

Knight takes pawn. A nation just declared war on another. Pawn takes knight. The retaliation. It goes on and on until a victor is decided. The Game is the only focus in the Great Hall. Nothing else matters.

I never really understood why people liked to control others. Every thought that happens in this room can lead to catastrophic consequences. Millions even billions of lives can be extinguished like a wind to a candle. I the wind, the world the candle. But these people, they don't seem to care. Albeit that they may have some morals, but the utter detachment from the real world seems to block out those morals when it comes to playing the Game. It's utterly jarring to the mind.

Just a thing I wouldn't really understand I guess. I'm not terribly good at the Game. Played once or twice, never got the gist of it and yet somehow won. I put it down to sheer luck or some psychological advantage of being a newbie. If only they would take bets when I played those Games.

"Luck has no place in the Great Hall, Walker."

I turned. An old man sat playing a Game had turned and spoke to me. "I'm sorry do I know you?"

"You may soon. Here, take a seat. Play with me."

I looked at the old man's opponent. She stared at me then just disappeared.

"Do not act surprised Walker. Come, sit."

I sat across the old man. I looked at the Game we were playing. It was a Game I had never seen before. It looked similar to a mash of board games was mixed in a blender, with a touch of salt. Everything on the board was bright and stark but satisfying. Like salt.

On it was the Foundation symbol, multiple squares, hexagons, octagons, decagons and other gons cluttered the board. Foundation characters were put to the side along with some dice and two decks of cards. I examined some characters and mentally chose one that I wanted. It looked like me. Isn't that nice?

"Do you want to start?"

I looked at the old man. I stared back at the board. I imagined that I knew the rules of the Game. And I did know the rules. Quite simple actually; destroy the Foundation.

"Ah. Quick learner."

"Not so much as doing what we all do."

"So you know how to play then?"

"Yes. Care to place a bet?"

He looked startled for a second. Then the old man broke out into a grin. "Ha, oh no no, I already know you are low on funds."

"Who told you?"

"I just assumed I knew."

"Of course. Shall we begin?"

"Yes, let us begin where it all started."

So we began where everything started. We began with the Foundation.

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