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Apparently "Bazzle" has some slang definition, so my secondary username is "Zizzzle". Zizzzle is hard to pronounce though. I try. I cry.

Woops, update! I call myself Ethel now! Man, puberty sure is something.


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SCP-1094-EX, as seen during the 1094-1 satellite mission (circa 2███). Click to enlarge. Item Tag: SCP-1094-EX Item Class: Pending Explained Special Containment Procedures: Unless directed otherwise...
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SCP-3490 Item Tag: SCP-3490 Item Class: Safe Threat Level: Green Special Containment Procedures: Stationary Task Force Beta-8 ( Bubble Blowers ) is to reside within SCP-3490 in case of unauthorized...
tags: amorphous gaseous gravity meteorological safe scp

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Photo of SCP-3845 during containment attempt #4 Item Tag: SCP-3845 Item Class: Euclid Threat Level: Yellow Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3845 is to be housed in a standard humanoid containment...
tags: autonomous euclid humanoid scp sentient

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Item Tag: SCP-4816 Item Class: Pending Safe Neutralized (Provisional) Special Containment Procedures: Several digital copies of SCP-4816 are securely stored within the Foundation database and are...
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The water keeps rising. Days ago, it was just a point of light in the sky. Hours ago, it looked as big as our sun. Now, at midday, we are shrouded in darkness. When we look up, we only see the orb...
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Now, I welcome you to THE PAGE OF THE BAZZLE Apparently Bazzle has some slang definition, so my secondary username is Zizzzle . Zizzzle is hard to...
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