The Pastarasta1 Art Page Experience: Rise Of The Revenge Of Ruiz Duchamp (ALMOST DIED!)
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Welcome to the page!

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Hello! It's me, pastarasta1! I love drawing cartoonish stuff. You might remember me from that old art page I did a year ago. Well, I'm back and better then ever!

Things you may notice when compared to my old art page include…

- all pieces are now 100% more slimy
- my skin now secretes mucous
- point 1 and 2 are unrelated
- my art got better [citation needed]
- do you want to be my citation? 😳
- citation found..........
- i was serious about point 1 and 2 being unrelated please
- bro please
- thanks! check out my art! enjoy it and share it with your family except you probably shouldn't show my drawings to your family its not a good decision you gonna have to explain a bunch of shit and you know thats just hard you know thats just how parents are you know you kn
- (gets crick in the neck) aeaahhhh my neck :(

Basically, this will be a more streamlined version of my art page, where I only add art that I put a bit more time or thought into. Enjoy!

(Notice: Images will be reduced to thumbnail sizes for a quicker browsing experience, to see full image, click the message link that appears with the image!)

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