The Sacred Djehuti
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The Sacred Djehuti

Scribe of the Underworld, Lord of Khemennu, Conciliator of the Crescent Moon, Θωθ12


After many ages spent pondering the great expanse, the inhabitants of the Land of Black and Red carefully wove together minute fragments of the cosmos. They pursued knowledge presented by the Ancient Ones. Fathers and sons constructed the foundations of their holy land to mimic the architecture of the cosmos as seen and felt — in the mind's eye and on the skin of their backs. Then, amidst hushed tones, the crooked beak of a particularly mirthful Ancient One descended. He was Djehuti, the Scribe of the Underworld.

Djehuti was birthed by the god of the Sun at the precipice between order and chaos: The Underworld.3 He emerged into the overworld conjuring fires of wisdom. The Egyptians presented their inherited knowledge to Djehuti, for which he afforded them the gift of writing. Throughout his tour of the cosmos, Djehuti permitted all beings the equal opportunity of paradise. All that was required in exchange was to swear fealty to Djehuti. His mythical paradise is a very real place known as the Brot Kruma.4

Before the golden age of Holy Science, two like-minded peoples dedicated to worshipping Djehuti joined hands in fellowship. These groups5 erected the city of Khemennu in the image of their divine leader. Khemennu was highly advanced for its time; its citizens harnessed scores of knowledge rarely found outside the Wanderers' Library. Djehuti commanded the admiration of his followers and transported the city's best and brightest to Brot Kruma, to be forever by his side.

Brothers and sisters from far and wide are welcome to taste the sweetness of The Sacred One's wisdom!



A stone carving depicting the Sacred Djehuti performing an arcane ritual on a philosopher-king. Retrieved from the ruins of Philae.


Traits: Djehuti spins the fibres of dream into day, manifesting as one part sacred ibis and one part man. Djehuti is a divine being that lacks a definitive connection to the mortal realm.6 He seeks to influence the waking world and the dreaming dead without the limits imposed by the mortal realm.

Djehuti once exhausted much of his magicks to physically form paradise in the shape of the Brot Kruma. Even today, the greatest sorcerer-researchers are enamoured by this feat of occult excellence! And Djehuti continues to disperse his power with each passing cycle. Regrettably, expending his vast power has estranged him from the light of the Communion of Gods.

Nature: Djehuti imparts gifts of power to his worshippers, but believing that these gifts are acts of generosity is naïve: Djehuti is opportunistic, and his gifts are seldom presented without ulterior motives. He possesses more knowledge than a human could acquire in a lifetime tenfold, and to him, humans are a means to achieve even greater knowledge. This is the reason why he imparts his power: Not as a gift, but as a transaction.

History & Associated Parties: As a member of the Communion of Gods, Djehuti is associated with the ancient Egyptian pantheon. No one god in the Communion holds absolute power; the gods each share the Boundless Wellspring.7 Some gods possess either a Shadow or a Mirror. Djehuti, for instance, possesses a Shadow in the form of the deity Akheilos. Akheilos, son of the Mistaken Beast,8 uses the powers of the Id to pursue chaotic conduct. Djehuti and Akheilos have been locked in eternal tumult at the division between sagacity and savagery.910

It is hypothesized that the Boxers recently unleashed The Sacred One to do away with Akheilos.1112 Djehuti and Akheilos clash through endless assaults and claims on knowledge throughout the cosmos. Djehuti wishes to further knowledge, while Akheilos consumes it. Djehuti's goal — aside from regaining power — is to cast Akheilos down into the depths of the Underworldly Nether once and for all.

For his conduct, Akheilos is barred from the Library. Djehuti and his followers, however, are not, and some of our loyalists even seek to join Djehuti's own repository of wisdom! Our Doors lay open, welcoming all of Djehuti's loyal vassals into our Library. The exchange of knowledge is natural in all places, and this level of knowledge is unprecedented during the Rise of the Blue Moon. And yet the Jailors kept their own knowledge sealed during his rise, believing Djehuti was the harbinger of the end. They continue to be misguided in perverse ways!13

Approach: Djehuti rarely entertains the trivialities of mortals. To gain his favour, you must open your mind to him, allowing him to grasp and manipulate your will. Of course, countless men have gone mad after extending their hand to grasp for the inky void, only to be met with the predatory talons of the Sacred Djehuti instead. To safely bargain one's mind with Djehuti, one must show excellence, lest you be subjugated into becoming yet another useless thrall, destined for either the Underworld or madness.

Other: Olden day wearers of the glorious Pschent affirmed Djehuti was the Moon-god but discarded this belief over time as they delved into philosophy. Latter-day Egyptologists state he was always Moon-god, but separated from Luna when he began his transit of the cosmos. Both accounts are strikingly Earth-centric and thus hold little water. — J.V.

Thoth battles the monstrous Akheilos, spawn of the Mistaken Beast. One day, Akheilos shall descend and devour all that Thoth has built with the mortals, as it has done countless times in the past. Once this is complete, its master may finally awaken and rebuild reality in his image. Though, if I may point out: To consume Thoth's work is to eventually consume Thoth himself. An arduous task indeed. -G.W.

Observations & Stories

I do not worship Djehuti, I instead lay in awe of the sprawling whole of his creation. And so, I have travelled vast distances over many years to compile the observations you see below. It took more time than I expected, and I received correspondence from the most unlikely of allies, from the past and present, but all information will be presented for posterity. This is the most important affair I have brought to the Hand.

Hekuhirkopshef, my brother not in blood but in spirit, what have you wrought? Thoth knows the extent of your sacrilege and has cast down his wrath to punish you. It is a blessing that you leave behind no lineage, lest your punishment results in the spilling of more innocent blood. You have gambled with Thoth above us and tainted his wisdom. Why? Why have you disrespected the Communion?

You have jeopardized our stake in the dynasty by allowing Menkaure to reign as true leader. I have taken your book. I am the new Keeper. And I command one thousand hard-working men and their families under my wing. I am travelling to the north, where we shall build a vast monument to the Communion of the Gods. I do not care how many generations of sons it will take to achieve this feat.14 We will not be fools as you are, brother. We will bask in Thoth's wisdom. Our very lifeblood will be gold when we are done.

Know this: The Conciliator will bring us greatness when he sees what we have built in his name. Khemennu will be for the worthy, and we will bear Thoth's wisdom upon our shoulders. Where you have failed.

— Zaid, He Who Shines like the Crescent Moon, and Keeper of the Book15

The peoples of Khemennu were granted entry to paradise when the Lord of Khemennu bestowed it upon them, a gift to his loyal subjects. He lifted them from this world, granting them the wings on which they could fly into the dark night, soaring between the stars.

The Great Daemon from below swims in the depths of the inky void between the stars and looks upon humanity with an insatiable hunger and at the Lord with incomprehensible rage. The Daemon has hungered for the Lord's blood for many years now. The Lord helps us mortals, rather than allowing us to stay in the savage blood-lusting pit where Akheilos — may he remain in the depths — ruled.

With the gifted and loyal men elevated from Khemennu, Akheilos and his savage maw descend upon the many remaining. Brawls in the streets emerged between the unworthy, eventually growing into vicious feuds. Men screamed into the night "Why hast the Lord forsaken us? Are we not worthy?" while bathed in the crimson of their family. It was truly a sight to behold: The nemesis reaping from the actions of the Lord.

Khemennu is no more. With Zaid ascended, I am now the Keeper of the Book. Perhaps I was not talented enough to join them in paradise. I read the scripts, and I fear for what is to come. Akheilos grows ever stronger, yet the Lord has weakened himself. If Khemennu took many generations of Thoth's guidance to build but was lost in days without it, I fear for all of life itself. I pray to Thoth that he saves us from Akheilos before it is too late.

— Amennekht, The Pale Reflection of the Midnight Moon, and Keeper of the Book

First contact with this pluripotent entity16 was dated back to 2018/05/11, when Project Millard (an observation satellite dedicated to protecting Earth from manipulators of the Hume field) began to transmit the presence of a vast Avian anomaly. Immediately after, the klaxons rang loud and clear, but we didn't know what was happening. When the news hit, half of America was infected.

We traced the meme back to a Foundation-launched probe that discovered this "Brot Kruma". The records regarding the loss of this resource are vague at best. Though, there is one thing I know for certain: The Avian meme complex was released right after we discovered that planet, and Thoth used one of our own contained anomalies to disseminate it.

I don't know how Thoth stays one step ahead of us (quite frankly it's giving the Avian Division a headache). We believe he continues to spread his abnormalities across our realm of influence. I don't know what mankind did to anger Thoth, but to turn their entire species into bird-brained freaks is truly an injustice.17 The truth is that we can no longer save humanity. We will expend our resources to destroy Thoth. Everything else is secondary.

— Keshrayuth, Mobile Task Force Eta-4 ("Begone Thoth") lead, Avian Division1819

Thoth's only enemy is Akheilos, son of the Mistaken Beast.20 Yes, a god is not truly powerful if it can only reckon with mortals. Now, I do not claim to be allied with this Sacred Thoth, nor am I fascinated by his alleged ploys, but there is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing him destroy Akheilos, the brute that consumed my mighty people.

Akheilos, the Herald of The Beast, seeks to end all of humanity. He is an apex predator, sitting at the very top of the tree of life: It is said that his vast maw may even consume lesser gods. He gnaws away at the fabric of reality, tending to the grounds for his master's arrival (of course, the so-called "Boxers" are working at the opposite end, trying to prevent his arrival at all costs). Akheilos seeks to end human life for this purpose: To allow his father back into the world. He is the one that confronts reality in the most voracious manner as he swims through the Void.

The Boxers you have made allegiance with? They are the ones that created this "Avian meme complex" in the first place.2122 A funny reflection of the aeons-old Avian-Selachian war, that!

— G.W.

Am d'éclair that Thothy-kins, Big Scraw of Lettuce-Phallus, make-make excellenté excelsior thousandfold. He pour ring happy juice in loose beaks, it true. Cack, as wing flops make clap! On this day-sky, we is all connected for the Big Big Migration, so it goes. Absquatulations!

Who is "Moon God"? I know one named "Moon". I call her "Moon Moon", she is very silly. Look at her go!

~ Coyote


The Ancient Ones, themselves, have seldom seen Djehuti in the many centuries that have passed since he disappeared into the ethereal plane. He no longer gathers with the Communion of Gods, meaning I cannot contact him directly. All the detail on Djehuti has been relayed to me from the other members of the Communion. While I trust the Ancient Ones to be truthful, I assume others will not. — J.V.

So, not only is most of the information gathered from one unreliable source, but he also says that his own sources are also unreliable? Can you prove that you have contact with these 'Ancient Ones', that you call them? Else, all this information could just as well be the musings on the divine by a raving lunatic. -G.W.

This thing working again? Oh, wonderful. Okay. "Grey Wanderer" — as the "Boxers" call you — the Foundation has come to the conclusion that this entity does exist beyond a reasonable doubt. While we doubt J.V.'s description of the entity's motivation, his threat is unmistakable. You make a grave mistake ignoring this fact, and the Avian Division will try our hardest to rectify this, mark my words. ~Keshrayuth

Empty threats by the clumsy, flopping wings of a bird brain. -G.W.

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