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Official author page. Work in progress. (the page and the person)

Author: toadking07toadking07

User Since: 20 May 2013, 12:09

About: Creator of the Foundation After Midnight Radio podcast. Producer behind Toad King Studios. Jack of many trades, master of a few. He writes, he draws, he edits, he spends a lot of time writing down ideas that there just isn't time for. Joined the SCP wiki after reading a comment on a creepy gif of SCP-096. Has met one SCP fan IRL, so it is possible the rest of you exist.

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Image Photoshop SPOILER: Wanted to help push this SCP a little with a sneaky gif. Put a delay in there so that readers should be just about ready to scroll down the page when it changes. (if read on a desktop browser) Kept it subtle, so not all readers would catch it, as having it change for everyone in the first 5 seconds would be too much.
Logo Design Worked with Dr ReachDr Reach during a GOI contest way back when. Used my graphic design skills to craft a logo that we felt captured a charitable organization feel. Really happy people have liked it and used it moving forward.
Entry An open collaboration with a lot of heart. Couldn't resist adding in my own entry here. Might have gotten a bit too personal, as DJ Scip is voiced by my real life brother, but it felt right to write from the heart.
Entry Added my own entry about a Christmas gone wrong. One of my first dips into writing on the actual wiki.
Audio Recording Had my dad, an actual pastor, record a reading of UnivineUnivine's Excerpts Regarding St. Sophia for the 2016 Christmas exchange. Thought it would be a nice touch for an interesting GOI format.
Forum Post Still proud of this 30+ page long forum post about famous last words within the Foundation. Don't post on there as it's long dead, but it's still a highlight for me that so many people had fun coming up with ones on there.

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