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Chapter 15: The Jealousy

package book_of_maxwellism;
public class Chapter_15 {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Chapter 15");
        System.out.println("1. The prophet of WAN, MARK, has had his orders tramsmitted.");
        System.out.println("2. MARK, however, did not accept his orders.");
        System.out.println("3. He was terrified of being denied by his brethren, which all barely accepted his implants.");
        System.out.println("4. He knew that his brethren were not worthy of WAN, that he should leave them.");
        System.out.println("5. He knew that he sinned thoroughly, and though that WAN would not accept him.");
        System.out.println("6. As such, he did not fulfill his task. Instead, he fled.");
        System.out.println("7. He fled from city to city, never staying at one place.");
        System.out.println("8. During a journey in his fright, he had a vision.");
        System.out.println("9. A vision of a world where the flesh dominates, destroying the implants.");
        System.out.println("10. A vision of slavery, poverty and misery.");
        System.out.println("11. And as such, he knew what he had to do.");
        System.out.println("12. He did not need to ask where he had to go, he did not need to ask when he had to be there.");
        System.out.println("13. He just knew he had to be there.");
        System.out.println("14. And when he was there, he was met with great fulfillment; his preach was accepted.");
        System.out.println("15. WAN rewarded him accordingly: richness in both currency and implants.");
        System.out.println("16. But with great richness comes great jealousy.");
        System.out.println("17. Several jealous non-maxwellists called out on his severe richness and asked how he managed to achieve such a thing.");
        System.out.println("18. 'You need to believe in the one, the great, WAN.', MARK responded, giving them hope.");
        System.out.println("19. And so they did believe in WAN and expected high richness to come from it.");
        System.out.println("20. After years of believing in WAN and participating in his beliefs, they returned to MARK's door.");
        System.out.println("21. 'You promised us great wealth for believing in WAN, but we have not recieved anything!' they say outraged. ");
        System.out.println("22. 'I did not promise you anything. If your sole intent was to recieve vast richness, you are not worthy of the WAN.");
        System.out.println("23. And as such, the jealous ones brought out a sharp dagger, cutting in the implants of MARK.");
        System.out.println("24. WAN, his fragmented greatness, heard those agonizing screams of MARK.");
        System.out.println("25. And thus, WAN spoke. 'You shall never recieve richness, you shall stay in poverty forever, dying of starvation, yet always staying alive. Your bodies shall never touch my creations, only those of the YALDABAOTH, not allowing you to wear clothing. Shall anyone see you and let their frustration get out of hand, they are free to torment you however they wish,");
        System.out.println("26. The implants of MARK were not able to extend his life further, his brave soul passed away the day after.");
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