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Heya, I'm UncertaintyCrossing, owner of the SCP Amino for anyone who knows what that is. Probably also know me as The Director, Basar, Elnur, Lochan, or Gatekeeper depending on where you're from. Lot of names, I know.

Regardless of all of that though, I specalize in digital art and I finally found the time to make an art page.

Some of these pieces are a bit older and have my old signature/are in my old style. I plan to replace them with more recent art sometime soon, but figured I would share them as well anyways. I would love some suggestions of things to draw as I'm currently trying to get back into drawing SCP content. Thanks for stopping by!

Series One:

Series Two:
None for now.

Series Three:

Series Four:

Series Five:

SCP Amino Items:

The Wanderers' Library

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