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The entity in the following file just did a sick ass trick on his bike. If you could compliment him, that would be really nice.

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welcome to my author page.

things i (and others) have written

scp-3297- Gramma Always Remembers
scp-3358- Anomaly apartments Site 316 (featuring JanitorCakeworthJanitorCakeworth)
scp-3803- Custom Business Cards on the Go
scp-3923- Negotium Ficus
scp-4003- On Cowboys, Catholicism, and the Cretaceous (featuring SecretCrowSecretCrow and Papa SenPapa Sen)
scp-4299- I See Life In Rosy Hues (featuring HotColesHotColes)
scp-4949- Dr. Wondertainment's dr playtime kit for the kiddos™ ft. dado (featuring Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade )
scp-3879- Musical Jolly Ape™ by Dr. Wondertainment
scp-2983- Choco-Wonder Explosion Marshmallow Bites!™ by Dr. Wondertainment (featuring DarkStuffDarkStuff)
scp-3756- In Space, No One Can Hear Yee-Haw! (featuring Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade)
scp-4988- Outsourced Customer Service Contact Center Solutions by APP Inc (featuring plaguebearerplaguebearer)
scp-3863- Hole-y Cow! I Can't Bee-Lieve it!

author commentary

hi. welcome to my author commentary section.

like my stuff?

aw shucks, thanks. i'm open for collabs almost all the time, so just hit me up. it helps if you have an idea though, so don't just come up to me asking to write.

srs bznz

in the event something happens to me and i disappear for 5 years or die, i leave all my non-colab articles entrusted to VaraxousVaraxous, and all my collab articles with the respective co-authors. The only exception to this is moon champion's cinco de mayo extravaganza, which would be left to CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander.

if i am needed for any emergency reason, mlistermlister and RockTeethMothEyesRockTeethMothEyes have my personal number and can contact me at any time.

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