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Hey there, and welcome to my author page! I, Univine, am a Chinese-American computer science/economics major and aspiring software engineer. I have a passion for competing in collegiate quizbowl, which, incidentally, has informed much of what I've written for this website. Here's a listing of all of the articles I've written so far in chronological order, with some personal commentary on each.


  • SCP-1445 ("An Antique Spacecraft") - My first article, from just over two years before this author page was created. I don't particularly remember my thought process behind this article, but I definitely remember the nerve-wracking (yet enjoyable) experience of posting my first article. Although this article definitely does not reflect my current philosophy towards and experience with writing SCPs, it still is a good representation of my overall writing style.
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  • SCP-2515 ("Napoleon Crossing the Urals") - Around the time I wrote this article, I had decided to study Jacques-Louis David's paintings in preparation for quizbowl tournaments. Then, I must have wondered, "What if there was a timeline in which Napoleon invaded (spoiler alert) the Daevite Empire, and David decided to paint it?" The result was this article, in which I attempted to synthesize the site's Daevite mythos with real-world history and art.
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  • SCP-2788 ("God is Red Rich") - This article was initially inspired by the biopic The Last Emperor, which gave me the idea of a god transforming into a simple citizen over the ages. Initially, I had trouble with developing this idea into an actual article, but my memory of reading about Huaxi Village provided me a setting for this article and the impetus to write it. It was my first attempt at a character-based SCP, but overall I was very happy with the result.
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  • SCP-2229 ("Legate of Ursa Major to the Senate and People of Rome") - The idea behind this article was one that I had been sitting on for quite a while, since it was intended to be a twist on the conventional idea of ancient aliens. At the same time, I wanted to try my hand at a direct crosslink with another SCP, in this case SCP-1822, and based on the combination of these two notions, I wrote this article.
  • SCP-2309 ("Iron Wall of Dhul-Qarnayn") - In the month before I wrote this article, I spent quite a bit of time learning about Islamic theology and practices. In doing so, I read the Surat Al-Kahf, a section of the Qur'an describing the construction of an iron wall by Dhul-Qarnayn to contain Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog). Looking into this more, I found descriptions of Yajuj and Majuj that reminded me distinctly of Sarkic creatures, giving me the impetus for this article.
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  • SCP-2405 ("2017_acf_nats_fianls.mp4") - I've wanted to write an SCP about quizbowl for a while, and now I have. If there's any takeaway from this article, it's that though every society has a different idea of what knowledge is "useful," knowing more can never hurt. (With the possible exception of cognitohazards, but that's neither here nor there…)
  • SCP-2903 ("Garden of the Manichees") - I sat on this SCP for quite a while (nearly half a year) before I felt the impetus to complete it and post it. As absurd as its concept might seem at first glance, it is inspired by a real Manichaean belief that the electae could release particles of the Elements of Light by digesting fruits and vegetables.

GoI Formats:

  • MEMORANDUM 009 REGARDING PROJECT 736 - My first attempt to branch out from writing in the SCP format on this website. My intent with this article was to update SCP-036, a Series I SCP about the Yazidis, with respect to recent atrocities carried out by ISIS against the Yazidis. Overall, I tried to strike a balance between being respectful towards real-world groups and events, and connecting them with groups and events in the SCP universe.


  • Excerpt Regarding St. Sophia - It's always bothered me how the Mekhanites basically disappear from the SCP universe's timeline following the war with the Sarkic Cults. This tale, which takes the form of supposedly Christian and Mekhanite scriptures, tries to bridge the gap and investigate how a dying mystery cult interacted with what was to be one of the most influential religions ever.
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