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Hey there, and welcome to my author page! I, Univine, am a Chinese-American computer science/economics major and aspiring software engineer. I have a passion for competing in collegiate quizbowl, which, incidentally, has informed much of what I've written for this website. Here's a listing of all of the articles I've written so far in chronological order, with some personal commentary on each.


  • SCP-1445 ("An Antique Spacecraft") - My first article, from just over two years before this author page was created. I don't particularly remember my thought process behind this article, but I definitely remember the nerve-wracking (yet enjoyable) experience of posting my first article. Although this article definitely does not reflect my current philosophy towards and experience with writing SCPs, it still is a good representation of my overall writing style.
    • Translations: Russia.png Japan.png
  • SCP-2515 ("Napoleon Crossing the Urals") - Around the time I wrote this article, I had decided to study Jacques-Louis David's paintings in preparation for quizbowl tournaments. Then, I must have wondered, "What if there was a timeline in which Napoleon invaded (spoiler alert) the Daevite Empire, and David decided to paint it?" The result was this article, in which I attempted to synthesize the site's Daevite mythos with real-world history and art.
    • Translations: Russia.png France.png Japan.png
  • SCP-2788 ("God is Red Rich") - This article was initially inspired by the biopic The Last Emperor, which gave me the idea of a god transforming into a simple citizen over the ages. Initially, I had trouble with developing this idea into an actual article, but my memory of reading about Huaxi Village provided me a setting for this article and the impetus to write it. It was my first attempt at a character-based SCP, but overall I was very happy with the result.
    • Translations: PRoC.png
  • SCP-2229 ("Legate of Ursa Major to the Senate and People of Rome") - The idea behind this article was one that I had been sitting on for quite a while, since it was intended to be a twist on the conventional idea of ancient aliens. At the same time, I wanted to try my hand at a direct crosslink with another SCP, in this case SCP-1822, and based on the combination of these two notions, I wrote this article.
    • Translations: N/A
  • SCP-2309 ("Iron Wall of Dhul-Qarnayn") - In the month before I wrote this article, I spent quite a bit of time learning about Islamic theology and practices. In doing so, I read the Surat Al-Kahf, a section of the Qur'an describing the construction of an iron wall by Dhul-Qarnayn to contain Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog). Looking into this more, I found descriptions of Yajuj and Majuj that reminded me distinctly of Sarkic creatures, giving me the impetus for this article.
    • Translations: Russia.png France.png
  • SCP-2405 ("2017_acf_nats_fianls.mp4") - I've wanted to write an SCP about quizbowl for a while, and now I have. If there's any takeaway from this article, it's that though every society has a different idea of what knowledge is "useful," knowing more can never hurt. (With the possible exception of cognitohazards, but that's neither here nor there…)
    • Translations: N/A
  • SCP-2903 ("Garden of the Manichees") - I sat on this SCP for quite a while (nearly half a year) before I felt the impetus to complete it and post it. As absurd as its concept might seem at first glance, it is inspired by a real Manichaean belief that the electae could release particles of the Elements of Light by digesting fruits and vegetables.
    • Translations: N/A

GoI Formats:

  • MEMORANDUM 009 REGARDING PROJECT 736 - My first attempt to branch out from writing in the SCP format on this website. My intent with this article was to update SCP-036, a Series I SCP about the Yazidis, with respect to recent atrocities carried out by ISIS against the Yazidis. Overall, I tried to strike a balance between being respectful towards real-world groups and events, and connecting them with groups and events in the SCP universe.
    • Translations: N/A
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