Uraniumempire's Personnel File
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Name: Eleanor ████████ ██████

Occupation: IT Management

Clearance level: null okay fuck you guys give me my key card already


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SCP-1285 in a temporary containment area. Item #: SCP-1285 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: When not in testing, SCP-1285 is to be placed in a fenced off 3 m X 3m plot of land...
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Part of SCP-2677-1. Item #: SCP-2677 Object Class: Keter (Formerly Euclid) Special Containment Procedures: All personnel involved in the D-Class recruitment process are to be fitted with Class-A...
tags: 2000 container electronic foundation-made keter mind-affecting sapient scp sentient

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Item #: SCP-3428 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Reports regarding the discovery of SCP-3428 are to be investigated immediately, and the instance is to be secured as soon as...
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Item #: SCP-952 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Musical projects under the effects of SCP-952 are to be terminated by any means possible, and any physical media storing recordings...
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Item #: SCP-3472 Level 2/3472 Object Class: Keter Classified SCP-3472 in its containment area. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3472-1 has been converted into Containment Area-██....
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D-7294's Declassified D-Class Survival Guide
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D-952, please step forward. Veronica Fitzroy stepped forward, wincing at the bright light. She'd have assumed technofascist mad scientists would've worked on getting a better mugshot system, but...
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The Last Things Dr. Darryl Loyd Ever Did, in Chronological Order
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This is a continuation of D-7294's Declassified D-Class Survival Guide. Please read that first. With regards to Site 56's architectural issues Some things to remember: Most of the physics puzzle...
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Uraniumempire's Personnel File
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Personnel File Research Work Author Living Will Advice and Appropriate Music vandalize this tab i guess Name: Eleanor ████████ ██████ Occupation: IT Management Clearance level: null okay fuck you...
tags: author collaboration


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