Valued Benefactor
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Dear donor: we urgently need money.                                                                                                                            
The idea for this is based off of A Holiday Appeal by eric_h. In the Foundation's world, these would be given out to everyone who donated to the Foundation.

Dear Valued Benefactor,

SCP-2558-J is doing great!

Thanks to your additional funds, we've managed to crossbreed the little fluffballs in order to enhance the amount of cuteness a single specimen of SCP-2558-J can contain. However, these were subsequently classified as an Aleph Meta level cognitothreat and contained. They sure were adorable, though!

In addition, we're directing some of your funds to work on ways to mold these cute li'l things into effective anti-intruder devices. Preliminary studies have shown that just the sight of SCP-2558-J is 100 percent effective in stopping hostile intent! If we can just get them to seek out the intruders, they'd be stopped in their tracks and helpless! However, our funding isn't infinite, so any more donations you may feel proper to give are MUCH appreciated.

On a more personal note, I'm sorry to say I have no choice but to refuse your request to take home an instance of SCP-2558-J. While we used to allow donors like yourself to take home SCPs, that practice was discontinued last year due to the numerous security breaches, Foundation exposure and death that resulted. Sorry! However, if you could come in to Site-19, we'd be delighted to take you to SCP-2558-J's container and let you play with them for a few hours. Of course, the Foundation assumes no responsibility from any death, mutilation, or otherwise grievous injury resulting from this. But don't worry about that; it's all on the disclaimer form you get to sign at the door!

Once again, thank you for donating!

Dr. Elizabeth Banks

Head of Pufferkitten-related studies

Dear Benevolent Benefactor,

Thank god you paid.

682 has broken containment at least 6 times this past week, and your funds have been able to provide us with the heavy artillery, acid and bombs we've needed to keep the casualties down to only 55 percent!

It's not enough, though. 682 seems to be angrier than ever, and the number of containment breaches is increasing.

We need more money. More equipment. More time.

We need more life.


Doctor Charles Heath

SCP-682 supervisor


We have failed.

We couldn't contain it.

It is after us, and it will not stop.

Why should it? It just wants to be left alone. It's not worth it anymore.

Nothing you did helped. Nothing you did hurt, either.

All I did was look.

That's all I did. One little look.

Here's the photograph. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Former Doctor Arthur Spicer

Former Supervisor of SCP-096

Dear Foundation Dreadlord,

We have successfully contained THE SCREAMING MAN!

Despite his AMAZING SCREAM and his ENOCHIAN POWERS, SCP-1333-J! has been safely contained thanks to your AMAZING DONATION!

Please consult a necromancer for further information.



Deeeear Ooooh Poooowerful Benefaaactor!

SCP-329-J is not fuuuuully contaaaained as of yet!

We are unaaaaable to fuuuully understand its uniqueeeee thought proooocesses!

After learning it is nooot a ghoooooost we are at a looosss as to whaaat its purpose is!

We neeeeed to buuuy it a sweeeater to teest it!

Please send me us mooore mooooney!

Doooooctor Jaaaames who is nooooot the Ghooooost Siiiiiiign in disguiiiise!!

Leader of aaaall SCP-329-J baased reeeesearch!

Hello Benefactor,

I am doing quite good in my new containment chamber. Its lack of all windows and mislabeling is leading to me not being found by any more personnel!

However, I need more money to protect me from any unauthorized intrusion.

We plan to place me in a locked container deep under the ocean under the facade of a keter-class SCP, ensuring that I will never again be found.

I need more money to accomplish this, however!

We must be saved from me!

Doctor Tony Neil

Head Researcher, SCP-426

Dear Benefactor,

Thanks to your generous donation, we have managed to spread SCP-095-J to the masses!

Thanks to its inclusion in many popular word processors, we have managed to encourage SCP-095-J use everywhere! All possible to your generous donation.


SCP-095-J is still hated and frowned upon in certain circles! If you would be so kind to donate a little more, we could spread SCP-095-J to the far reaches of the earth!

We could eve-

Dear sir,

Please do not do it.

Agent Marvin Louis

Mobile Task Force Rho-15 ("Accidents Grotesque")

Dear mr money person

Thank you for giving me money. i play to use the money to stop the butt ghost. i ned a new toilet to trap the butt ghost in.

the butt ghost needs to keep from spreading to other butts. that would be bad for the butts that have to have the butt ghost live in them and haunt there toilets.

please give me more money to stop the butt ghost.

researcher james

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