Waterfire's Personnel File
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Researcher Waterfire is not present in this photo artist's impression.

Name: Charles █. "Waterfire" ██████

Occupation: Structural/Mechanical Engineer

Security Clearance: 4

Notes: Born in Arlington, Texas in 19██, Researcher Waterfire joined the Foundation in 20██. He is currently stationed in Site-101, and specializes in accident reconstruction. He has been noted to be very casual and outgoing among close colleagues, but quiet among personnel he is unfamiliar with.

Waterfire has been known to keep a Rubik's Cube type puzzle on his person at all times. He has regularly produced abstract drawings following his exposure to [REDACTED] (see photo).

SCP Reports Authored:

Field Reports Authored

Current Assignments

Why Waterfire Doesn't Get Any Promotions

It has come to my attention that Researcher Waterfire has made a habit of using mysterious symbols in his notes regarding Incident-████-█. Though no memetic contamination has been confirmed, his notes have been confiscated as a precaution.
-Dr. ████

Dude, they're just zeros. Is it really that hard to read?
-Researcher Waterfire

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