Weryllium's Author Page

SCP-2829 - Liposlugtion
SCP-3031 - Future Gift
SCP-3233 - Tenrec Goddess Reborn
SCP-3435 - Analysis-Defying Dinosaur Painting
SCP-3637 - Many Waters
SCP-3839 - Liposlugtion: 2 Fat 2 Furious
SCP-3132 - Crackin' the Back Knack
SCP-3536 - Bacteriophage Enabler
SCP-3738 - Casting Lots
SCP-3759 - Isle of the Tortoise Terminarch
SCP-3789 - Abyssal Basalt 'Jellyfish'
SCP-3379 - D-11424 and the Arctic Meat Hole of Infinite Wonders
SCP-3467 - Anomoaly
SCP-3528 - Witch Hunter
SCP-3949 - Penumbra W.A.V.E. #1 Fan!
SCP-3589 - Second Amendment
A Farewell to Arms
SCP-1701 - In Tents and Purposes
SCP-1565 - Martian Turtles
SCP-4041 - Impostors of the Tyrant Lizard King
CODENAME: Dr. Palanez's Proposal - "The Question
SCP-4243 - Celltown
Alchemic Arm-istice
SCP-4142 - Stellaraptor
Poky Charms
SCP-4344 - Kick Asteroid
SCP-4546 - A Sparkling Personality
SCP-4647 - Monster Truck Crossing Next 7 Miles
SCP-4748 - Arctic Whaleways
SCP-4849 - Liposlugtion 3: Die Lard With a Vengeance
Claw and Order
SCP-3794 - Salsa Hammer
SCP-4479 - D-11424 and the Land of Too Many Doors
SCP-4729 - Beauty From Pain
SCP-4119 - Miss Dynamite
SCP-3689 - Legendary Sandwich of the Deep
SCP-3584 - Mechanical(?) Dandelion Garden
SCP-3749 - Apocalyptic Death Metal Sword
SCP-3753 - TEA-K.O.
SCP-3659 - Rubbery Triceratops Gauntlet
SCP-3683 - Dire Pigeons
SCP-3829 - Metastasis
SCP-3734 - Muddy Morphing Power Worms!
SCP-3788 - Titanic Super Soaker
SCP-3593 - Scooby Snacker
SCP-3827 - The Dental Community Theater
SCP-4789 - Battle for Dreamland
SCP-4759 - The Challenger of Donut Taxes
SCP-4589 - Unitea

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