Why Earth?
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"Why do you think we call our planet, Earth?" James asked.

Officer Frederick looked up from his lunch at his companion, Officer James. These two have worked together for almost a year now at Site-73 as guards for the SCP Foundation. These two had seen a number of strange things and had plenty of strange thoughts. This is one of James' stranger ones.

"What do you mean?" Frederick replied as he placed down his sandwich.

Officer James sat up on the other side of the table. "I'm just wondering, why do you think we called this old rock 'Planet Earth' of all things?"

"That's a pretty dumb question," Frederick grunted from his dry lips. "Earth is called 'Earth' because it is made of the stuff."

"I guess you are right, but I can't help but feel like there is a bigger reason for it."

"You are starting to sound like one of those scientist running around looking for a bigger meaning to something so unimportant. Not everything has to be part of some bigger scheme, James."

"I guess you're right Fred," James started on his slice of pizza. The two sat there silently for a moment until James broken the silence once again. "What would you call Earth?"

This question had Frederick surprised. This never a question he thought would be have been asked of him.

"I'm unsure," Frederick responded, half-heartedly.

James started to come up with a couple ideas of his own and blurted them out as he went, "We could call is 'Terra' like a lot of those Sci-Fi shows, or maybe some fantasy name like the 'World of Man,' but I think that would be stupid."

Federick was followed along, but barely. He was too deep in thought on the subject to pay attention. Federick thoughts were full of ideas, but none of them seem to fit. Finally, he had given up and said, "Man, I never thought it would be that hard of a question."

"Right? Coming up with a name for something so big is too hard." James said with reluctance.

"Maybe that's what the first guy thought? Maybe it was too hard so he just looked at the dirt and said, 'This thing is covered in Earth, wait that's what we should call it!' and called it a day?"

"That's possible, Fred. Yet, it doesn't feel like the answer. There has to be a bigger reason behind the name, don't you think?"

"As I said, not everything has to have a bigger meaning," said Frederick as he picked up his sandwich. "Now shut up and eat your lunch, break ends in five."

"Okay, Fred."

The two finished their lunch and returned to duty. Their question remained unanswered, but maybe it is better that way.

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