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Hello! Wrong John Silver here. Welcome to my author page! Over time I'll be adding thoughts about how to write, perhaps some info about recurring characters and themes, philosophy behind my stories, and I'll answer any questions you may have about pretty much anything. You can see whatever I'm presently working on in my sandbox page. Feel free to let me know your thoughts!


SCP Number Rating Comments Created
SCP-2460 184 49 17 Apr 2015 23:15
SCP-2203 181 50 04 Jun 2015 12:06
SCP-2459 131 44 17 Oct 2015 04:38
SCP-847 117 34 21 Apr 2016 02:13
SCP-2289 97 34 09 Mar 2015 01:05
SCP-2315 93 24 25 Oct 2016 01:40
SCP-128 92 27 07 Jul 2015 00:44
SCP-2402 72 29 06 Mar 2016 21:47
SCP-2458 58 27 24 Jul 2015 08:11
SCP-2415 42 11 15 Sep 2016 01:31


Name Rating Comments Created
Funerals Are Fun 75 27 07 Dec 2015 05:09
It's Just A Dream 72 31 01 Mar 2015 04:27
The Journal of K. M. Sandoval 54 16 27 Sep 2015 02:06
Bigger Than Jesus 47 19 16 Dec 2015 03:28
On Mount Golgotha - Hub 43 19 01 Jun 2016 23:46
100 Feet of ROPE! 39 19 19 May 2015 04:01
Skeeve Online 31 15 21 May 2016 03:35
Twisted Together 25 9 23 May 2015 21:27
Lust in the Time of Anomalous Cholera 17 15 01 Apr 2016 02:42


I entered a collection of 5 entries into the SCP-261 Experiment Log. Pocari Sweat, Chocolate Twinkies, Mystery Flavor Butterfinger BBs, LanuGoGoGo!, and Shakespeare's Scrumptious Sonnets. This was purely for fun. The idea behind LanuGoGoGo! comes from lanugo.

I added the entries for 2282 and the OTT 2123 entry to the SCP-2305 Extended Documentation. It's a great way to let your inner troll out safely. And just gathering all the space-based SCPs to just attack at once and fall into a cosmic-scale ball of FAIL was too tantalizing to resist.
TVTropes Entry (toward the bottom of SCP Entries)

I added a perfectly normal feather to the Log of Anomalous Items. It's a great place for the fridge-horror vignette along the lines of "For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn." type. Some people ask what kind of bird it is. I ask why haven't we ever seen it before.


SCP-2289 was my first SCP (although my first submission was a tale, see below). In this one, I observed that Devil Facial Tumor Disease, a real thing, hadn't made an appearance in the SCP files. And, well, it had to. I started imagining it with eyes… and it grew into a little body horror vignette. But it wouldn't have worked without the interview. Just the idea of breathing a bunch of character into a D-class, someone we usually just forget about, was what made it work, I think (but feel free to tell me otherwise).

Chinese translation

Fanart by Gingercake!



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