A Halloween To Surpass [REDACTED]
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An unsettling nervousness set down upon them as they approached it. Them being Charlie, Delta, Gama, and Romeo of MTF Charlie-5 ("Trick Or Treaters"). It being the massive, broken-down warehouse in front of them. Charlie-5 was sent out to investigate anomalous sounds coming from inside. The sounds were still resonating when they arrived.

"God damn that's loud as hell. What exactly are we investigating here boss?" Romeo questioned Charlie.

"Hell if I know. Command simply told us that loud, 'weird' sounds were coming from the inside and that we have to investigate." answered Charlie. "Let's just get inside and find what we're looking for and hopefully shut it the fuck up."

As they approached the main door, Romeo stopped dead in his tracks. Delta noticed and turned to look at him.

"Rom you good? You see something?" Delta asked as the others turned around and started scanning the around Romeo with their rifles. Romeo let out a groan and looked down. "I…" he started. "I um…"

"I was playing Metal Gear Solid and forgot to save the game.."

Delta smacked Romeo in the face with a force that could make Able laugh his ass off. To Romeo, it hurt.

"You fucking idiot! You had us scared half to death! Don't ever say such shit again unless it is serious!" Delta reprimanded Romeo.

"Okay Okay! My bad! It won't happen again sir..ow.."

After that scare, the rest of Charlie-5 let out a sigh of relief and annoyance. They continued towards the door of the warehouse.

"God I hate that fucking game. over dramatic sci-fi shit.'' Gamma groaned. "I think it's alright but Romeo's obsession with it is fucking annoying.'' Delta groaned as Gamma grunted in agreement'

"Jeez. Gamers always being oppressed these days.." Romeo mumbled.

"Run that by me again, Wannabe Snake." Growled Delta as he spun around. He was about ready to slap him again. The two of them starred each other down. The rising tension was enough to make a Rattlesnake shake.

"You two cut the shit. Gamma give us the time stamp." Charlie ordered as he radioed in to command, Gamma rolled up his sleeve to check his watch.

"All-righty.. Time is twenty three, twenty four. October thirtieth, twenty eighteen."

"How fuckin' ironic that they would send US to this job on today of all days." Delta groaned.

"Why wouldn't they? We're the Trick or Treaters. The spookiest MTF in the Foundation! I'm surprised the wiki mods haven't put us on the main MTF list yet..spooky.." Romeo exclaimed as the rest of Charlie-5 turned around and looked at him like he had been speaking Japanese.

"What the fuck Romeo?" All three said in unison.

"Oh never mind. Talking to myself. Hey let's get this door open now!" Romeo said quickly as he reached the door; leaving the other three to follow, scratching their heads. Once they reached the door the sound grew immensely louder, causing the metal on the door to vibrate. Charlie-5 groaned at the sound.

"Jesus fuck is that loud!!!" Gamma said, barley being able to hear his own voice. Charlie acknowledged him and began giving hand signals to get ready to breach. The rest of Charlie-5 instantly got serious and started preparing to breach the door; Romeo prepping the breach device on the door as Delta, Charlie, and Gamma grouped up on the wall beside the door. Romeo finished arming the breach device and joined his team on the wall.

"Everyone ready" Charlie asked and received a nod from his team as they raised their rifles and Romeo raised the detonator.

"Breach in three, two, one, brea-!" Romeo readied to blow the explosive when the noise suddenly stopped and the door burst wide open, sending a sudden gust of air that blew Charlie-5 off their feet.

"What the fresh fuc-" Gamma started.

"Ah fuck it. Rush in!" Charlie barked as he rushed inside; flanked by Delta and Gamma with Romeo tailing them. As they rushed in, rifles raised and ready to quote on quote, 'Fuck shit up', they were greeted by an unusual sight of the warehouse being completely decorated in Halloween themed decorations and lights. Pumpkins and skeletons littered the walls and wires ran across the ground. The light being orange and yellow Christmas lights strewn across the ceiling. Needless to say, Charlie-5 were completely dumbfounded by the sight.

"What the fuck?" All four said. "This tale just got more spooky." Romeo said to no one. "What the fuck and why the fuck is all this here?'' Delta questioned in slight nervousness. The pumpkins and their carved sneers were starring them down; As if they knew something they didn't. The atmosphere was indeed spooky.

"What are our orders boss?" Gamma asked.

"For now, you three start searching around, bag some of those decorations and lights for the eggheads to analyze, I'll stay here and update command. Stay alert and ready and if something moves, shoot it."

"Copy." The trio said and begun exploring the warehouse. They took samples of random pieces of candy littering the floor, took some of the lights, they were examining a skeleton decoration when the sound came back, making the trio jump back.

"Holy shit!" Gamma exclaimed, raising his rifle at the calcium-rich decoration. "Gamma if that skeleton comes alive, I'm letting it eat you first." Delta said, raising his rifle also, backing up away from Gamma.

"Hey fuck you man! Get back here!" Gamma exclamined

"This is so like that one level in Snake Eater where Big Boss finds-" Romeo started

"Romeo!!" Delta and Gamma yelled in unison, wanting him to shut up.

"what?? It's true ya know!" Romeo snapped back.

"Okay that's it, you're getting eaten with me" Gamma started towards Romeo. He dropped his rifle and grabbed his idiotic teammate by the collar, preparing to beat the Snake out of him. As he was about to turn Romeo into 'Punished" Snake, the sound stopped and the floor shifted beneath them. The two looked at each other and gulped.

"Oh fu-" Delta started as the ground opened and all three fell in, screaming all the way in.

Moments before…

"What the fuck?" Charlie said to himself. He spent the previous five minutes trying to establish contact with command but all he was getting was disrupted static. "Damn comms aren't working outside anymore. I wonder if Romeo turned on the fucking disprutor ag-" His voice was cut off by the sound returning again, making him clutch his ears and groan in pain and frustration. He stayed like this until the sound stopped again and he rushed back inside.

"Charlie-5 report!" He called out to his team on their personal comms. There was nothing.

"Team! Report!" Charlie called out again. Still nothing.

"God dammit.." Charlies raised his rifle and started looking for his missing teammates. He made a mental note that all the decorations were disrupted and knocked over by the sudden blast of whatever the sound was. All the skeleton decorations though, were missing. This made him slightly uncomfortable as he kept scanning the area, looking for signs of life. He reached a large opening in the ground in the far end of the warehouse. As he approached the edge, his comm lit up.

"Boss! Boss you there?'' Delta's voice came through. "Yeah it's me! What happened?" asked Charlie.

"We were bagging shit when the sound came back. In the midst of nearly shitting our pants, we got into a scuffle and before it got entertaining the ground decided to break apart and we fell in."

"What's your status?'' Charlie asked.

"Well Romeo and Gamma stopped trying to strangle each other so we're pretty fuckin good right now but…" Delta hesitated.

"What? What is it?" Charlie asked.

"This is a lot of weird shit to explain over the radio…just drop down the hole and meet us down here. Well brief you when you lan-"

"HOLY SHIT BOSS IT"S A METAL G-" Charlie heard Romeo screech and heard a lot smack and chuckled to himself. One of Delta's trademark slaps again.

"Just get down here." Delta sighed. "Copy. On my way." Charlie took a breath and jumped into the gaping hole. He spent quite a time falling before he landed on a pile of something both hard and soft, making him grunt out in pain. He collected himself and looked at what braced his fall.

''So that's where they went." All the skeleton decorations fell through here and collected into a pile. He jumped off the pile and examined the area. He realized that this was an abandoned Foundation facility. Laboratories, testing areas, and everything else. What was different that it was covered in Halloween decorations as well. There was also digital clocks on the walls with an active countdown timer. The clocks appeared new and modern. There were also wires of varying length and thickness running down a certain path towards somewhere. They also appeared very new. He decided to follow the wires to their origin. After walking for five minutes, Charlie reached his destination: A large containment area circular in shape. Meant for containing large anomalies; filled with all sorts of new tech. It looked like a NASA control room. Several control consoles, computer monitors everywhere, wires tangling all over the floor, a digital clock larger than the ones he seen earlier, was mounted on the far end of the containment area. As he drew closer to the center, a very large figure came into view. There he found his team. Gamma fiddling with a console nearby, Romeo sitting down and clutching his cheek, and Delta staring up at the figure and then back at Charlie. And then his jaw dropped in shock.

"You fucking kidding me?"-Charlie

"Afraid not"-Delta

"So is that.."-Charlie

"It is"-Gamma

"You sure?"-Charlie

"Totally positive!"-Romeo

"Ah! Scary man!!"- Unknown?

The unknown that stood before them was a massive machine. It stood at at height of 10 meters. It's hull and combat armor looked brand new, void of any scratches or debris. On it's rear and ''feet'' were an advanced form of booster rockets. This machine was meant to be able to fly and maneuver in the air. It was heavily armed. Multiple cannons, chain guns, and missile pods viciously decorated it's ''arms'. Delta confirmed earlier that it appeared nuclear powered. It was painted in orange in black and covered in text which consisted of typical Halloween sayings. It's "head" consisted of a steel carved pumpkin with one of it's eyes covered. The ''torso'' had a central compartment that seemed to function as a cockpit for a human pilot. Next to the machine was a computer monitor which housed the machine's A.I. It was expressing fear at Charlie's arrival.

"Sooooo we found an actual Metal Gear boss.'' Romeo said happily.

"I like this human. Very humorous and very knowledgeable in the spooky spirit.'' The A.I. said.

"Romeo, you're getting promoted for being psychic. Jesus so this is what was causing the sound.'' Charlie said in awe. Delta looked at it in concern and Gamma was pacing back and forth.

"I am terribly sorry for the noise. I noticed newcomers on the radar and I got terribly excited." The A.I. said

"What are you and what is your purpose?" Charlie asked.

"I am the Spooky Autonomous Combat Multi-Scary Gear…Or Just Spooky Gear for short. My purpose is too make the world spooky again.''

"What do you mean make the wor-" Charlie started.

"The world is not spooky enough. Not scary anymore. Halloween is all about the candy now not the spooks. I seek to change that. Once Halloween starts, I will fully activate and begin to give everyone a true fright. Then they will realize the true meaning of Halloween."

"Boss, I think it means to destroy the wo-" Delta started.

"Oh destroy is such a strong word. I seek to make things spooky. My armaments are sure to give a successful fri-." Spooky Gear started.

"How do we deactivate you?" Gamma interrupted this time.

"Don't be rude. According to my protocols, the only to deactivate me is that only a true serpent can enter my cockpit and push the 'off' button." Spooky Gear stated. "That's it?" Charlie asked. "Correct." It replied.

"Well what the fresh fuck does it mean by 'A true serpent?'' Gamma started.

"I think I know!" Romeo exclaimed. "Lay it on us then kid.'' Charlie said

"So it's basically a Metal Gear. It mentioned only a 'True serpent' can deactivate it. Therefore I conclude that only Snake can deactivate it!'' Romeo said excitedly. The rest of Charlie-5 looked at him and sighed in unison.

"Two problems Romeo.One, Snake doesn't exist. Two, there's like five fucking versions of him.'' Delta said.

"Then that means we have to dress up as him. We have to find which one it will accept. It's the only way.'' Charlie declared. Delta and Romeo nodded in agreement. Gamma just stared.

"Problem Gamma?" Delta asked

"No. No fuckin way you're gonna dress me up as a stupid ass video game chara-" Gamma started.

"Forgive me but He is not stupid nor a video game character." Spooky Gear said nonchalantly.

"Gamma I believe you can do this! You just like Snake!" Romeo pleaded. "No way. Y'all can play dress up I'm gonna just pull security and that's final!" Gamma declared. Delta and Charlie exchanged looks and smirked; then they started to approach Gamma.

"Hehe, well if you won't help us save the world, then we'll force you. It's the Foundation way" Delta chuckled. Charlie grabbed a string of the Halloween lights to use as rope. "It's an order." Charlie said, coming closer. Gamma went wide eyed and started to move back, pleading that his team will see sense and let him go.

"H-hey now lets not get hasty.." Delta and Charlie came closer.

"You better fuckin not.." Yet they came closer.

"I'll tell Bright!" They were almost upon him.

"If you dress me up, I'll kick your asses!" He said last as Romeo tackled him from behind…

Minutes later…

"I'm gonna kick your asses…" Gamma grumbled, adjusting the bandanna on his head making his head hurt. The pain was caused by his trusted teammates knocking him out. In the space between the time he was knocked out and revived, his teammates cut his hair and adjusted his uniform and gear to give him the look of Solid Snake, complete with the bandanna on top. His team followed suit after they were done with him; Delta dressing up as Venom Snake, Romeo as Liquid Snake, and finally Charlie as Solidus Snake. They looked at their grumbling teammate.

"Oh, suck it up already Gamma."-Charlie

"You asked for it."-Delta

"Holy shit Gamma you look just like him!"-Romeo

"He looks rather agitated."-Spooky Gear

Gamma rubbed his head and looked at Romeo. "What's the plan now Rom?''

"I think one of us just hops inside the cockpit and push the off button." Romeo said.

"Alright Charlie-5 lets get this done." Charlie ordered and they approached Spooky Gear. The interrupting machine gazed upon it's newly dressed guessed and went into complete protocol mode. It started the pre-launch sequence, arming it's weapons as the hatch above the containment chamber opened up. The cockpit compartment opened up. Charlie-5 stared in anxious nervousness.

"Ten minutes until spookyfying. Four serpents detected. Warning, only a true serpent can deactivate. Failure to recognize the actual pilot will result in immediate spookyfying. Proceed."

"Alright let's do this. Delta, time stamp." Charlie ordered. Delta, lifted his left arm, painted in red to represent Venom's prosthetic arm, checked the time.

"Twenty three, fifty. October thirtieth, twenty eighteen. I'll go first." Delta said nervously and walked up to the Spooky Gear and climbed into the cockpit."

"Alright Delta, push the button!" Charlie ordered. His eye patched teammate in the cockpit saw the big red button in the center of the flight control console. Delta pushed the button and winced. The Spooky Gear's LEDs glowed red.

"Venom is not a true serpent. Spookyfying commencing. Happy Halloween!"

"OH FU-"" Delta screamed as the machine ejected him out of the cockpit and blasted him with one of its cannons, vaporizing him instantly. The ashes fell upon the remaining agents. Charlie and Romeo stared in horror as Gamma vomited.

"Holy shit it killed him!" Romeo screamed.

"Keep it together, we still gotta stop it! I'll go next!" Charlie said as he walked up to Spooky Gear and climbed into the cockpit, slamming the off button.

"Turn off dammit!" Charlie said. There was a delay and then his concern was multiplied by red LEDs. He started to scream.

"Oh no! Team! It's up to you no-"

"Solidus is not a true serpent. Spookyfying commencing. Happy Halloween!" Spooky Gear said as it ejected Charlie and vaporized him in the same manner as Delta. Romeo and Gamma looked on in shock.

"Five minutes until spookyfying. Oh I cannot wait!" Spooky Gear said

"It didn't work..it killed Charlie." Romeo mumbled as Gamma grabbed him by the collar and yelled at him.

"Don't freak out! Keep it together kid it's up to us now! You're the game geek of this shitty franchise so it has to be you!" Gamma said as he pushed Romeo towards the machine. It's rockets were beginning to activate.

"You got this! Go!'' Gamma screamed. Romeo gulped and climbed inside the cockpit, shaking like a leaf as he adjusted in the seat. Gamma kept shouting motivations at him from a distance.

"H-here goes n-nothing!" Romeo stuttered as he pushed the button. There was a larger delay. It seemed that it worked.

"H-hey! I think worke-" Romeo started. Famous last words.

"Liquid is totally not a true serpent. Spookyfying commencing. Happy Halloween!'' It said and Romeo started to panic, trying to get out of the seat.

"Romeo get out of there! Run!" Gamma yelled. Romeo was more than to comply, but his costume was caught in the seat. He desperately tried to free himself, screaming.

"I-It's stuck! I can't get out! Help me Gamma!" He screamed, starting to cry.

"Hang on! I'm coming!" Gamma screamed as he rushed toward his teammate. He was at arms length away when Romeo was ejected from his seat, meeting the same doom a his former comrades. Gamma screamed and collapsed on the floor.

"One minute until spookyfying. Time to make the world scary again! I cannot wait heheheh!" Spooky Gear laughed as Gamma stood up, staring at the clock and at his team's ashes. He then looked at the machine. The machine that destroyed his team, his friends. His face then contorted in a dedicated anger.

"Ah fuck it! Let's do this." He said as he adjusted his bandanna, running up to the Spooky Gear. He jumped in the cockpit and hovered his hand over the off button.

"Ten seconds until Spookyfying. Hold on world here I come!" Spooky Gear yelled, it's rockets starting to lift it off.

"Oh you better shut the fuck down! Here goes ahhhh!!!" He yelled and slammed his hand on the button, closing his eyes and bracing himself.

"Spookyfying in three…two..one…HAPPY HALLO-" Spooky Gear called out as it's voice and the machine suddenly stopped.

For a moment, everything seemed to stand still. Gamma opened his eye and saw green LEDs. He heard the rockets losing power.

"Solid Snake recognized. Beginning activation. Until next year!" Spooky Gear declared as it fully shut down. Gamma released himself from the cockpit and fell to his knees

"I fucking hate that game…."


Gamma left the interview room, giving his full briefing to command. He sighed and groaned at the long painful process of everything. In short, the Spooky Gear was contained and he was brought back to base after establishing contact again. He was offered amnesiacs but he declined, wanting to remember his teammates. He made his way to this barracks and entered, sitting on the couch. The place was decorated in Halloween stuff due to a party earlier. He ignored the memories and sighed, looking at the TV. He decided he wanted to play a video game to relieve the stress and so he booted up the game console and waited for the game to start. The title screen of Metal Gear Solid popped up on the screen. He stared, turned off the TV, laid on the couch, and began to sob.

It was truly a Halloween to surpass Metal Gear. The end.

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