Zoltan Berrigomo's Author Page

Name: Alex ██████

Username: ZoltanBerrigomo

Age: 30-40

Stuff I've written:

  • SCP-3171, entitled How The Foundation Came to Operate A Phone Sex Hotline. My version of a common sci-fi trope: what if we meet aliens, but they're so different from us that we have nothing of value to say to one another?
  • SCP-3192, entitled When The Bell Tolls. About one of my deepest fears, knowing the date and time of my death.
  • SCP-3159, entitled The Trashiest World In The Multiverse. One day, I had a nightmare about being chewed alive by an ATM, with people on the street looking on and sadly commiserating about the terribly high number of "flytraps" that pretended to be regular bank ATMs these days. That motivated this skip.
  • SCP-3197, entitled A Trickster God For The Modern Age. Stories of trickster gods often mix sillyness and cruelty, with the trickster spirit viewing humans as something akin to ants, perfectly content to stir up the anthill for the hilarity of watching the little creatures scurry about.
  • SCP-3180, entitled No Strangers to Love. A satirical take on relationships and the fictions we construct around them.
  • Off site, I've been writing The Incompetent Witcher, a fanfic set in the Witcher universe.
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